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I’ve long wanted to do a website or write a column for a publication that’s all about 30 minute crafts: things you can do when you have almost no time, like I have right now.

It occurs to me that that’s a fine addition to this site, so here is the first installment in the 30 minute craft genre: a simple shaker box for a baby or toddler.

Because my little one (who just turned eight months this week!) is in the stick-everything-in-your-mouth phase, she doesn’t get to play with this one herself right now, or I’d be replacing the paper on a daily basis, but she loves to listen to the shaking and I’m sure will enjoy playing with it when she’s a little less orally fixated.

I should note that this project doesn’t take anywhere near 30 minutes, except it does need to dry overnight.



  • a little box with a lid (mine held jewelry)
  • rice, lentils or something else noisy but small enough that it’s not a choking hazard should the box come open, which is unlikely
  • tissue paper in as many colors as you like
  • Mod Podge or white glue
  • foam brush



  1. Place a good handful of your shaky substance (mine is long-grain brown rice, which I found had expired in my pantry) in the box. Use a bit of glue on the foam brush to glue the box shut.
  2. Tear your tissue paper into little pieces and begin to apply to the box in a random fashion, using glue under and over the paper. Leave one side of the box uncovered for ease of drying. Make multiple layers, leave parts of the box exposed, make a design, whatever you like. I just piled a bunch of paper on top of other paper, making sure I got all parts well covered.
  3. Go over the box with another coat of glue to make sure all the paper is stuck down well. Place the box on the unpapered side and allow to dry.
  4. Repeat the process, covering any unexposed surfaces, and let dry again.
  5. Shake, shake, shake.


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