Make a Tassel Necklace from a Keychain

Turn a tassel keychain into an on-trend necklace in five minutes or less!

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I went to an event at my daughter’s school recently and scored as a door prize a lovely suede tassel keychain from GiGi New York. Sweet, right?Have a cute tassel keychain? Make it into an on trend necklace

Except I’m not really a giant keychain kind of girl. So of course I had to get crafty with it.

These keychains are everywhere right now, and tassels are a big trend for fall, so I thought I would make a tassel necklace. It took about five minutes and its adorable. Turn a tassel keychain into an on-trend necklace in five minutes or less!

Here’s how to do it.

What You’ll Need

  • tassel keychain
  • pliers (maybe)
  • length of suede cord (mine is 3 yards long, but it’s really longer than it needs to be)
  • toggle jewelry clasp and glue (optional)

What You’ll Doremoving the key ring from the tassel

My key chain had two jump rings and then the ring for the keys to go on, so I used pliers to open up one of the jump rings so only one is left on my necklace. Yours might not have extras, so you can just remove the ring for the keys by hand. string tassel onto suede

String the tassel onto a length of cord. I used bright blue for whimsy, but you can coordinate with the color of your tassel or go with something totally different if you want. toggle closure

For a closure, I happened to have a gold toggle clasp I bought years ago (for 50 cents, according to the package), so I threaded each end onto the cord and used fabric glue to hold the end of the cord in a loop around the clasp. You could use whatever sort of clasp you like or have on hand, or really just tie a strong knot if you’re not up for being fancy. diy tassel necklace from keychain

As I said, mine came out super long, but the benefit of the toggle clasp is that I can actually shorten it a bit just by pulling the toggle end through and looping the cord over itself in the back. It will slide longer as you wear it, so if you know you want a shorter cord figure out how long you need it before you attach your clasp and trim to fit.

There you have it. Easy, on trend, and using something that would otherwise sit in a drawer. How cool is that?

Are you making any accessories for yourself for fall? I’d love to hear about them!

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