Make Dinner Easy and Get on to the Fun Fall Stuff

Have easy family fun even on a school night with pizza from Sam's an a fun nature walk

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It feels like life has been super crazy busy lately, more even than normal. The girl has after school activities three days a week, it’s a busy time for husband and me at work, and it’s also the time of year we most want to be outside because it’s still light and cool in the evenings.

Getting a meal on the table fast so we can have some fun after dinner is vital. It’s the one time of day we get to see each other when no one is really rushed, and it’s the perfect memory-making time.Have easy family fun even on a school night with pizza from Sam's an a fun nature walk

To celebrate fall I wanted to do a nature scavenger hunt in the neighborhood that would get the girl observing the change leaves and other things happening outside.

But husband was out of town, so I really needed something quick that would give us time to eat and take a long, leisurely walk around the neighborhood before bedtime.

So I headed to Sam’s Club on the way to pick her up from art class and picked up a pizza meal from the family deal sams

This is a really quick dinner option that took maybe five minutes of waiting time to come together. I headed to school to pick up the girl and we rushed home to dig in.

(Pro tip: Your giant Sam’s Club chill bag is also great for keeping things warm.)

Fall Nature Walk {with Printable}

Thanks to our quick and tasty dinner we had plenty of time for our nature fall scavenger hunt printable

I made up a printable sheet we could use as a checklist for things to find/gather and count, and the girl had her own ideas of things we should look for. (She added a small rock, house, bridge and tree.) And needed to color in the pictures, of course.nature walk prep

As we walked she added a few things to the list. (Squirrels, crickets, mushrooms, flowers, berries, a spider web, the moon, and counting the number of flags we saw…)mushroom pile

It was fun to notice that some of the leaves actually are changing already, and to see what we noticed because we were paying attention. Like this pile of mushrooms.nature hunt

The printable is here to get you started with ideas for your own nature walk, and there is space to add things you might be particularly interested in or sure you will see or hear in your neighborhood.pine cone

This is a really fun and easy project and activity you can do over and over. Print out multiple copies or slip one into a plastic sleeve so you can use a dry-erase marker and use the same sheet over and over.

How do you fit family fun in on busy nights?

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