More Creative Challenges for Kids

Need a great summer fun activity list for the kids? I made mine on craft sticks and put them in a painted flower pot.

When I wrote my post about art challenges for kids and adults, I knew I wanted to share some more creative challenges for kids that you might want to try while everyone is home. Why Use Creative Challenges? I like creative challenges because they give us a starting point for a range of themed activities. […]

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Take an Inspiration Walk

Take an inspiration walk and gather pictures

It’s spring break here at ODC HQ, which means fitting in work and creative time around lots of outings and activities with the girl. Yesterday we visited to local botanical garden, went to a park, took a walk by the lake, bought plants (more about those tomorrow) and took a walk to dinner. We were […]

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Weaving on a Stick

Weave on a stick to bring some nature in.

This perfect stick was sitting on the sidewalk in front of our house for a few days. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. That Y would be great for a little bit of weaving, I thought. And when I came across this collection of pictures of weaving on a stick, I knew I had to […]

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Rock Painting

rock painting

Yesterday I told you while you were out gathering leaves to paint that you should pick up a rock, too. We’re going to use it today in a simple rock painting activity. All you need for this one is a rock, some paint and a paintbrush or two.  I decided mine kind of looked like […]

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