A Colorful Valentine for Kids

homemade coloring book valentines

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Last year I made chocolate playdough and cute animal-print cards for the kids at the Bit’s school, so I kind of felt like I had to do something homemade for them again. It’s fun, and I don’t like giving the kids candy, so why not?

This year I decided to do an alphabet crayon for each child with their first initial, but I knew that wouldn’t be that exciting so I added a little printable coloring book. There are lots of these sorts of things out there of different shapes and sizes, but the one I used was from EmmiGrace and Me.

This one was made to be the size of the package of crayons, but I didn’t have any crayon packages around so I just cut card stock to fit the outside and stapled it together. (I only used the actual coloring pages, not the dots or tic-tac-toe pages, and I printed them on cardstock.)

printable coloring book
The coloring book before stapling. The images are so cute!

Another cute idea, incidentally, comes from the State Library of Louisiana, which has a set of 24 printable storybook coloring books. They’re each four pages, so you print it on one sheet and fold it into a book. Super cute.

Then I just put the crayon and the little book in a clear treat bag I had left over from a bake sale or something. For the toppers I just made a text box in Word — mine is 4 inches square, but yours may vary depending on the size of your bag — that has a gradient background and a red border (it was one of the built-in choices).

homemade coloring book valentines
A couple of the finished valentines.

The text says

You make my world more colorful!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

From Anna

(I used her real name! Shocking, I know.)

I printed them out on cardstock, trimmed them down, folded them in half over the folded down top of the bag and stapled it closed. Easy peasy cute and colorful.

Have you ever made Valentine’s gifts for your kid’s classrooms? I’d love to hear what you did.

If you need more inspiration, check out the heart-shaped Valentine cutout cards I also made last year; they’re great for grandparents!

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