Last-Mintue Quick, Cute Cutout Cards

cutout drawing cards

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I hesitated to use the word “Valentine’s” in the title for this article because I don’t want you to think that this concept is just for Valentines. Pick any shape you want to cut out on the front of a card, glue part of a child’s drawing over the hole and you’ve got the perfect little card for grandparents, teachers and family friends any time of year.

This would be a fun way for kids who are too young to write or pick out gifts for friends to take part in another child’s birthday celebration, or it’s an easy way to share artwork with people who might not want to see the whole collection. (Incidentally you could also make one of these into a work of art by using a full-sized sheet of paper, cutting out a shape, putting the art behind it and matting the whole thing.

After I did the kids’ Valentines for the Bit’s school I still needed to do something for the teachers, so this is what I came up with. It’s inspired by a much more involved (and, admittedly, beautiful) project at Artful Adventures. This is my five-minute version.

What You’ll Need

cutout card supplies
The supplies for making a cutout card are really basic.
  • card stock or premade cards with envelopes (mine were Canvas Home Basics Square Cards from Hobby Lobby)
  • a child’s drawing or painting (mine is marker on pink construction paper)
  • some kind of cutout or template of a heart or the shape of your choice (mine was an extra cardstock heart traced from a cookie cutter that I used on the kids’ Valentines)
  • pen, scissors, glue stick

What You’ll Do

  1. Trace the shape of your card (while closed) onto the drawing and cut out. I cut mine just inside the lines.

    cutout drawing card
    The drawing cut down to size. That blank part at the bottom won't show through the cutout.
  2. Trace the cutout shape on the inside of what will be the front of the card (so you won’t see any leftover lines) and cut out.

    heart cutout card
    The heart cutout. Use any shape that makes sense for the card you're making.
  3. Apply glue to what’s left of the inside front of the card and press the drawing into it, drawing side down so the art will show through the cutout.

    cutout drawing cards
    Two finished cutout drawing cards.
  4. Write your message on the other side of the inside of the card.

See? Easiest thing ever, perfect for lots of different basic shapes for holidays, and super cute to boot. Go on and try to resist making some.

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