Mixed-Paper Collage Bookmark

Make a mixed-paper bookmark out of scraps to make your reading experience a little prettier.

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I’m a day behind on the Iron Craft Challenge this week (because it was book launch day yesterday), but the idea was to create something using words.

The first thing I came up with was making a bookmark, because it seems like we always need more of those.

I decided I wanted to do a kind of mixed-media thing, to the extent that is possible on a flat surface. So I came up with the mixed-paper collage bookmark. Make a mixed-paper bookmark out of scraps to make your reading experience a little prettier.

It’s super easy to do with whatever paper, stamps, markers and things you have around. This would be a great one to have the kids try, too. Just set out some pre-cut bookmark shapes, a bunch of paper, markers, stamps and glue or tape and see what they come up with.

What You’ll Need

  • cardstock or heavy paper for the base of the bookmark (I used a page pulled out of an old book)
  • other papers or flat items (mine were scrapbook papers)
  • scissors
  • glue stick or adhesive roller
  • rubber stamps and ink (optional)
  • gel or other markers (optional)

What You’ll Do How to make a paper collage bookmark.

Cut the base paper to the size desired. I used a large bookmark as a template for mine.

Cut or rip other paper and glue or tape it as you like. At first I thought I liked the word moon (the girl is very into space) so I had the flower in the opposite corner, but I like it better here.

I also stamped the letters READ in black ink on the flower and traced around the edge of the flower and colored in the center with silver gel pen. You can embellish as much or as little as you like. Finished paper collage bookmark.

Find a book and start reading.

Do you use bookmarks? Do you make them or buy them or just use random pieces of paper? This is a super easy project you really should try to make your reading experience a little prettier.

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