Crafting Bucket List: 100 (or More!) Crafts to Try

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I feel like we often limit ourselves when we think about crafting, but there are SO many different things to try. Here’s a crafting bucket list of crafts and projects you can make alone or with your kids. For some reason crafting a bucket isn’t on it.

See how many you can check off, which ones you still want to try, and maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your next project!

Fiber Arts Crafting Bucket List

Because I’m primarily a fiber artist, the first things I think should be on any bucket list of crafts are things you do with yarn and thread. To me fiber arts are addictive so once you do one you’ll probably want to do a lot more.

Yarn Crafts

Lest you think all fiber crafts require lots of skill and practice, we’ll start with (1) finger knitting. You can also try (2) finger crochet, (3) arm knitting, (4) loom knitting and (5) working with loop yarn without ever picking up needles or hooks.

Of course we’ll add regular (6) knitting and (7) crochet to the list, and you might as well try (8) spinning while you’re at it. You might want to do some (9) weaving with all that extra yarn, and don’t forget (10) dyeing yarn to use in a project as well.

And let’s also include less well-known but super cool things you can do with a crochet hook, like (11) Tunisian crochet and (12) broomstick lace. Or throw it back and make something using (13) macrame.

Other Fiber Arts to Try

Of course there’s (14) embroidery and (15) cross-stitch in the fiber arts world as well.

You can — and should! — try your hand at (16) hand sewing and (17) machine sewing as well as (18) visible mending. (19) Quilt making is also a must-try if you ask me.

There are so many different kinds of sewing projects and fabric crafts that you could go on all day listing them, but some essentials to my mind include (20) make a garment, (21) try an applique, and (22) make a project with a zipper.

You can even turn fabric into other things, such as when you (23) make yarn from fabric or (24) make your own bias tape.

How about transforming yarn into (25) tassels and (26) pom-poms?

I could go on all day but how about (27) making a pillow, (28) string art, (29) felting and (30) needle felting? Or make (31) a softie, (32) a doll, (33) something braided or (34) a friendship bracelet? Maybe a classic summer camp craft like (35) a lanyard or (36) a god’s eye?

More Crafts to Add to your Bucket List

Of course there’s a whole world out there to fill your crafting bucket list beyond the world of fiber. To name a few:

(37) Beading or (38) jewelry making

(39) Stencils (using and/or making), (40) rubber stamping [including (41) making your own stamps] and (42) card making.

Why not try (43) paper quilling, (44) metal stamping, (45) woodworking, (46) making candles or (47) soap? Or you can make some (48) body scrub or (49) bath bombs.

How about painting projects? There’s (50) watercolor, (51) paint pouring, (52) abstract painting, (53) painting with acrylics and (54) finger painting to name a few. Or try (55) painting on rocks and leaving them for other people to find.

Combine paper and paint to (56) marble paper and use it in a craft.

Or there’s (57) sculpture, (58) working with clay, doing (59) doodles or (60) zentangles, (61) hand lettering, (62) drawing, (63) nail art, (64) photography. Make (65) rubbings with crayons, (66) fold some origami, or a project using (67) colored sand.

Can You Make a…

Some must-craft projects aren’t a genre but a thing you might like to add to your list of crafts, such as:

  • (68) a mandala
  • (69) dreamcatcher
  • (70) Christmas ornament
  • (71) pillow
  • (72) musical instrument
  • (73) merit badge
  • (74) wreath
  • (75) big fabric or ribbon bow
  • (76) a hair band or barrette
  • (77) a basket
  • (78) a pinch pot
  • (79) a rug
  • (80) coasters
  • (81) a garland

Can You Make Something Out of…

Sometimes a crafting bucket list item isn’t exactly a craft but something that you can make something with. Such as (82) making a blanket (or something else!) out of old clothes. (83) Decorate a T-shirt or other piece of clothing with fabric paint, embroidery or an iron on.

Or making something with (84) glitter, (85) felt, (86) pompoms. (87) Altering a book to make an art journal, or (88) folding a book to make something new. (89) Use sidewalk chalk to make something amazing on the sidewalk or use it in another project.

What about tissue paper? Make (90) pom-pom flowers or another craft.

Bigger Crafting Bucket List Items

Maybe you want to take your crafting to another level by bringing together a multitude of crafts or media into (91) a mixed-media project or collage. Or take your work bigger to (92) make a wall hanging.

Or you could (93) write a poem or a story and (94) illustrate it with art you’ve created. Or (95) start an art journal (or a bullet journal, those can get pretty crafty, too) or (96) a sketchbook that you make yourself.

Maybe it’s time to try (97) a guerrilla art project (something left out in public) or (98) a political project.

I thought I had it but my numbers weren’t right so these last ones don’t really fit, but what about (99) flower arranging or (100) making paper?

There you have it! 100 items for your crafting bucket list. How many have you done? How many do you want to try? What would you add to the list of crafts?

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  1. Lovely craft ideas you have shared. I have book marked your page and I’m going to work on these craft ideas soon.

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