Make a Cross Stitch Heart Bookmark

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This easy cross stitch heart bookmark is a quick and easy project to make for Valentine’s Day or any other time.

I used three colors of cross-stitch floss and a simple heart design on a piece of burlap ribbon, which is the perfect width for a bookmark. You can cut regular cross-stitch fabric to use if you would rather.


  • burlap ribbon
  • embroidery floss — I used Iris brand, which is two-ply twisted meant to be used as is — in red, pink and purple, or colors of your choice
  • scissors and sewing needle
  • Duck tape — mine is gold because I happened to have that on hand, but any color is fine

How to Make a Cross Stitch Heart Bookmark

Trim your burlap ribbon or cross-stitch fabric to the desired size. I guessed at how long I wanted it to be, and it is about 8 inches long (and the ribbon I used is 2 inches wide).

Separate embroidery floss if necessary. Two threads of a standard six-ply thread would probably be enough.

I started at the bottom and made a little heart shape. My design is 11 stitches across at its widest point and 9 rows tall. I left about 10 rows blank at the bottom before I started stitching.

From the center opening of the first heart to the bottom tip of the next heart on my bookmark there are 12 rows. (That’s nine from the top of the heart, but it’s easier to count from the middle blank space to get your next heart centered.)

I worked one heart in pink, one red, one purple, one red and one pink. (The girl says these are the three acceptable colors for hearts.)

Finishing Your Bookmark

Because the cross stitch heart bookmark is worked on burlap, it frays very easily, so something needs to be done to slow that process down.

Duck tape happens to be two inches wide, so I cut a piece slightly longer than the length of my bookmark. I then folded the short ends over slightly to the front.

If you use regular cross stitch fabric you will also want to finish the edges in some way.

Another option is to trim a piece of card stock to the size of the bookmark, then use washi tape around the edges to secure. Or just use washi tape, like I did on these burlap bookmarks for kids.

Little bookmarks like this are so quick and easy to make for any occasion. What would you stitch on a bookmark?

cross stitch heart bookmark

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