Easy Origami Fabric Hearts

These origami fabric hearts are super simple to make as a decoration for Valentine’s Day, to add to a card or whatever else you would like. I see a lot of origami hearts this time of year and it got me thinking. I wondered if you could do such a thing with fabric. Well, of […]

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Make a Cross Stitch Heart Bookmark

This easy cross stitch heart bookmark is a quick and easy project to make for Valentine’s Day or any other time. I used three colors of cross-stitch floss and a simple heart design on a piece of burlap ribbon, which is the perfect width for a bookmark. You can cut regular cross-stitch fabric to use […]

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Printing with Styrofoam

Carve a design in Styrofoam and use it to make a simple print.

A lot of crafting for me is about creative reuse, and when we bought the girl a lamp for her new art table and this little block of foam was in there, I knew I wanted to try to do some printing with it. Printing with Styrofoam is easy, but it does take a little […]

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