Play Cookies with Air-Dry Clay

painting play heart cookies

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The other day — the day before Valentine’s Day, to be precise — the Bit got out her air-dry clay before school. She was making a cake, and she asked me to help. I piled on a few layers for her, and as she worked I made some bigger pieces of clay and decided to cut out hearts with a cookie cutter.

I thought they would make cute grandparent gifts if she painted them after they dried; she, of course, had other ideas.

They were cut out like cookies, so of course they had to be cookies. She asked if she could paint the cookies and play with them, and I said yes.

Drying Air-Dry Clay

dry air dry clay in the oven
My air-dry clay after baking.

I read on the package of clay that it can take three or four days to dry, and I knew that sort of schedule was not going to work for my girl. So while she was at school I dried them in the toaster oven.

I ended up baking them on a piece of foil at 275 degrees for about an hour, flipping part way through. They were not completely dry at that point, but I figured it was close enough.

Painting “Cookies”

painting play heart cookies
I love her concentration when she’s creating!

That evening the subject of the cookies came up, and she decided she wanted to paint them right away. She pulled out some finger paints, I got her a brush and she went to work.

There were four hearts so we got one of each color. She doesn’t clean her brush in between so by the time she got to orange it was looking a little brown, as you’ll see below. But they’re still pretty.

Tea Time

Over the weekend we were playing upstairs, and I was the baby and she was the mom. First she put me to bed in my office chair and brought in one of her little wooden chairs so she could read me a story before she said goodnight.

Later the office became her bedroom and mom was very tired (wonder where she got that idea?) and needed a break. She brought in the cookies (along with another play cookie, though I think that one might have been the baby’s breakfast) and a giant novelty mug she drinks “tea” out of and set it all up on the chair.

tea time pretend play
Time for tea. Lots of it.

This is her little break time setup. Looks pretty inviting to me.

Isn’t pretend play fun? If your kids have done anything cute like this lately, please share!

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  1. Yes. I love the Rockport mug. I don’t know what possessed me to buy a giant Rockport mug when I was there, but it does come in handy. (I interned at the Gloucester Daily Times right out of college and stayed with a family in Rockport. It’s my happy place.)

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