Make a Washi Tape Craft

Use washi tape and card stock to make fun shapes for cards

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I love a good washi tape craft. It’s been a long time since I played with this fun patterned tape, so I thought I would try using some of it to help me make some last-minute Valentines, but this is a great idea for all sorts of card making occasions.

My card isn’t quite finished but I love the way it’s started. And it takes just a few minutes to do.Use washi tape and card stock to make fun shapes for cards

What is Washi Tape?

If you are new to crafting, a quick little sidebar on washi tape. As you might guess from the name, it’s originally from Japan, and it works kind of like masking tape (easy to tear, pull up, move around) but it’s strong, too.

Real washi tape is made of paper, but there are tons of mass produced varieties printed with all sorts of things these days, and I’m not sure what those tapes are made out of.

I have solid color washi tape, patterned tape, tape with word, butterflies, birds, bats. Some is translucent while some is more solid, which makes it fun to stack and layer like I did for this project.

These days you can buy washi tape at any craft store and big box store in the craft or scrapbooking area. I just bought some at Target the other day on clearance for a little more than a dollar.

Stock up on a few rolls and try this easy washi tape craft. I also use it to stick little notes to my wall, for decoration on planner pages, and on and on. Washi fans, I’d love to know how you use it.

Valentine’s Washi Tape Craftwashi tape square

I decided I wanted to make washi tape hearts to go on the front of some Valentine cards. I started by cutting out a piece of card stock, then layering pieces of tape on it on the diagonal.

You can overlap, leave space, make them just touch or any combination.

I have lots of tape so I used a different piece for each layer, but even if you only have one or two tapes this will still look cute. Just leave a little space between to amp up the stripe effect.heart shape washi tape

Once I had my card stock pretty well covered, I found a heart-shaped cookie cutter and traced two heart shapes.washi tape craft heart shapes

It turned out one of them needed a little extra tape, but I could have left it plain, too. It’s cute either way.

These are adorable just as they are and would be cute just pasted to the front of a card, but I decided to ramp up the cuteness a little by adding a green chevron paper to the front of the card and a bit of height to the heart.craft foam on washi tape heart

I did this by cutting out a piece of craft foam (I used the sticky-backed kind but use whatever you have) and sticking it to the back of the heart, then sticking the heart to the card with double-sided tape.

So cute!washi tape heart valentine card

I can’t wait to see what else I do with these sweet cards.

Other Ideas

Of course you could take the idea of making a sheet of washi tape and cutting out different shapes in a lot of directions. Use it for cards or make bookmarks, or use the whole sheet as the background for an art journal page or as a gift tag.

You could even put tape on both sides, cut out shapes, punch a hole in the top and make ornaments or a bunting-style decoration for any holiday.

I’d love to see what you come up with. Tag your photos online with #ourdailycraft so I can see them, or leave a note in the comments.

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