Found Object Mason Jar Candle Holder {Iron Craft Challenge}

found object mason jar candle decor

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This week’s Iron Craft challenge was in honor of Diwali, otherwise known as the Festival of Lights. And who wouldn’t want to celebrate light right now, at the time when we’re being reminded how precious light and warmth are?

I knew I wanted to do something involving a candle, but I didn’t actually want to make a candle. So I went looking for inspiration around the house.

There was a little Mason jar in the laundry room that I thought would be cute decorated to hold a candle. I knew I’d seen some orange ribbon over the weekend, and the girl had been playing with a bit of raffia off a present just that morning.

knitting scrap
Proof that keeping every scrap of knitting is sometimes a good thing.

But the best thing I found was this little scrap of knitting. I don’t really even remember this yarn, what it is or where it came from, but stretched way, way out it perfectly fits around my jar.

I added a little flower-shaped bobble from a collection of random bits I bought earlier in the year and I was ready to create.found object mason jar candle decor

What You’ll Need

found objects
A few things I picked up from around the house.

Of course if you’re doing the found object game you’ll find different things in your own home, and it’s unlikely you’ll find a perfectly sized piece of knitting just sitting around (that takes years of practice, my friends). Though if you happen to be a knitter you can whip up a strip of Garter Stitch to fit your vessel in no time.

If you don’t happen to have any knitting lying around, you can use a thicker ribbon, a piece of felt or even some pretty wrapping paper or tissue paper as the base.

Then you’ll want some ribbon, raffia, other things with interesting texture and color. I like the four layers I have, but you can keep going as much as you like.

If you don’t have a funky floral bobble to add to yours, try a big button, acorn, or even a leaf cut out of felt.

And you’ll need a pint-sized Mason jar or other container of your choice. And a candle that fits it; mine is a tea light.

I also used a bit of glue to stick the flower to the ribbon at the end.

What I Did

First I needed to sew the sides of my knit piece together, then I slid it on the jar.

rustic candle jar
Yarn plus raffia is already pretty cute.

I folded the raffia in half, wrapped it around the jar twice, then tied the ends together.

ribbon bow jar
Ribbon makes it a little more festive.

The ribbon I tied into a bow on the opposite side so I could kind of hide the ends of the raffia.

mason jar candle holder fall
The finished jar.

Then I glued the doodad to the knot in the ribbon. (I actually just used glue stick in case I ever want to take it apart.)

Add a candle and you’re all ready to celebrate fall.

mason jar candle light
The girl said, “ooh, I really like that jar.” Me, too.

I think it’s really cool sometimes to just look around the house for inspiration, and I think this candle jar came out beautifully.

What could you come up with if you just looked around the house?

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