Easy and Yummy Snack Mix for Fall. Or Whenever.

fall snack mix

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I’ve been seeing posts all over the place about fall snack mixes. Now, I’m not exactly sure why we need more things to snack on this time of year, which is pretty much all about snacking for about 10 weeks straight.

But I’m kind of done with Halloween candy (not that it’s gone, I’ve just had enough for a little while) and I’m planning some marathon writing sessions soon that might require some super snacking, so while at the grocery store today I picked up some things to make my own snack mix.

It’s sort of a “sit on your butt mix” instead of trail mix, though I’m sure it would be yummy on a hike, too. snack mix

How to Make it

fall snack mix
A handful of yummy.

You can, of course, make this sort of thing with anything you like, but I was trying to get a balance of crunchy, sweet and savory all at once. It’s pretty much all my favorite snacky things.

I used

  • regular flavor Bugles
  • Cheez-its
  • dark chocolate M&Ms
  • peanuts
  • peanut butter pretzel sandwichesfall snack mix

Mix all together in whatever quantity you want. I used all of the pretzels (they come in a small bag), most of a big bag of M&Ms, most of a bag of Bugles, and probably about a cup each of Cheez-its and peanuts.

Try not to eat it all at once, OK?

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