A Good Start on Finishing

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So, it’s Finish it Up Friday, and I had big designs on this day. I had a really awful night (toddler screaming at 4 a.m. kind of awful) so I didn’t have as much energy as I might have liked, but I still got some good work accomplished. Let’s see.

knit legwarmers
Yes, my child is an iPad addict, but at least she has warm legs.

Technically last night I finished up the legwarmers and attempted to take a cute picture. The Bit would not give up the iPad, not for one minute, but she did let me put them on her, and they are pretty darn cute and fuzzy. I think she’ll like them when she’s not playing Elmo’s Alphabet.Look for a pattern for these on my About.com site Monday. (And yes, I know it looks like she has no pants on. She had on shorts. Because its December and that’s how she rolls.)

fabric legwarmers
Legwarmers made from shirtsleeves with a little embellishment.

For the fabric legwarmers I decided to go with three pink flowers on each one with a French knot embellishment. They’ll be a tutorial on these (lots of this stuff, actually) soon.

Madeline Shawl
The Madeline Shawl from Vintage Modern Knits

This picture in no way does justice to the prettiness of this shawl, which I will show you in all its glory after its blocked. The weird smeary part in the picture is where I tried to cover up a hair that was in the picture. You’ll have to forgive me, it’s almost daycare pickup time! This lovely is supposed to be a Christmas present, but I may just have to knit one for myself, too. Easy and lovely.

toddler dress up wrap
The dress up wrap made from part of a dress.

Here’s the finished dress up wrap, the simplest thing ever. Because this part was the bottom where the slit was, all the edges were already finished other than the one I cut, so I just folded over a bit, sewed it down, folded over more and sewed it down again for a clean edge. Easy!

glittered shoes
Glittery shoes in progress.

The glittery shoes are another addition to the dress up wardrobe. I got them started (the second coat on one shoe and part of the first on the other) before needing to dump the glitter back in the bottle. I may yet finish this up, but I think I’m going to need more glitter before it’s totally done, and they need sealing, too.

So that’s three or four projects basically completely done (other than blocking the shawl, which I’ll do over the weekend when I don’t need my table) and another one well on its way. I had three things on the list I didn’t get to, though I’ll probably work on at least one more of them this evening. I’ll probably get both of the knitting projects done over the weekend, and the cape on Monday. Not too shabby to get eight things off the to-do list in a matter of days!

Now I just have to resist the urge to declare tomorrow Start Something Saturday 🙂 (though I am going to knit the Bit some mittens this weekend. Fun!)

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