Finger Crochet {Craft Challenge, Day 124}

Finger crochet a headband

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Because I did finger knitting for the craft challenge of the day yesterday, it seemed only fitting to also try finger crochet.

Finger crochet was actually something I’d never done before, and I kind of see why now that I’ve done it. It actually feels slower using your fingers instead of a hook, and my hook finger got stiff feeling even doing a small project. Finger crochet a headband

One thing that is cool about finger crochet when you use adult-sized fingers and medium-weight yarn is that you naturally get holes even when stitching single crochet. It almost looks like lace with no effort at all.

Finger Crochet Headband

I decided to make a little headband using single crochet. I used medium-weight yarn (I think it’s Cascade 220 but I’m not positive) and my fingers.

You basically work exactly as you would crocheting with a hook, only your right index finger is the hook.

So to chain you just pull through loops with your finger. I chained 5. how to finger crochet single crochet

To single crochet, stick your finger through the stitch, yarn over, pull through a loop so there are two loops on your finger, pull through a loop and go through both loops on your finger.

Work single crochet stitches until the headband is big enough to go around your desired head when stretched. Mine is about 17 inches unstretched and fits comfortably on my head, which is about 24 inches around measured across the top and around the back behind the ears. single crochet in finger crochet

Sew the ends together and cut yarn, weaving in remaining ends. finger crochet headband

I found I used my left hand a lot more crocheting in this way. It was definitely interesting to try but I don’t think this is a technique I’ll use very often.

How about you? Have you ever tried finger crochet? What did you make? Would you try it if you haven’t? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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