Monthly Goals: Working Ahead

What's your goal for May? I'm working ahead as much as I can.

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Last month I declared that my goal was to stick to a pretty lengthy morning routine that involved meditation, working out, cleaning and other stuff. And I haven’t done that great of a job.

Parts of it are getting done pretty regularly. I clean almost every day, and I’m probably still working out more days than not, but not as much as I was.

I have given up on the meditation completely, though I will have to bring it back after the summer is over so I can do it when I go to New Mexico.What's your goal for May? I'm working ahead as much as I can.

But for now, I’m OK with a shorter routine, because I feel like I need the extra time.

As our summer plans are coming together I realize that I need to get an awful lot done this month — in the next 20 days or so, really — to get us off to a good start.

I have 15 more working days until the girl is home from school for two and a half weeks. Then she’s in the summer program at her school for six weeks, with a one-week break in the middle for the Fourth of July, then home again for two and a half weeks before the fall semester starts. And of those six weeks she’s in school, I’m teaching during four of them.

So I need to work ahead. A lot. Today is my first day to really work this month because the girl was home sick yesterday, and I haven’t made a huge dent in anything but I’ve made progress on lots of things that will set me up to do more writing and to start to get ahead of myself maybe tomorrow.

My big scary goal is to be a month ahead on the sites where that is possible by the end of this month.

I don’t know if I can do it.

If I try and fail but still make a good amount of progress, that will still be helpful.

But I really want to be able to do it.

I want to show myself that I can kick it into high gear when I need to. That I can keep the promises I make to myself. That I can make it all work, even though these four weeks are the first time I will have worked outside the home since long before the girl was born.

I have a plan, sort of. I hope to have the calendar for this month filled in by the end of the week, and to get started on next month next week. The actual writing will come later, after I get a big project off my plate and a lot of making done.

I’m kind of excited by the challenge of trying to do so much so fast. It’s kind of like writing a book again in terms of the mental endurance, focus and persistence it will take. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with an advance.

Monthly Goals Linkup

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