Make a Burlap Bow to Decorate a Simple Fall Wreath

Make an easy burlap bow to decorate a wreath for fall.

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As much as I craft, I’m not really a decorator, but this year more than any other I’ve been feeling a desire to decorate our front porch for fall.

It all started with the apple-themed fall porch decor I made for Walnut Hollow, but then I decided we really needed a wreath.

I mean, there’s a wreath hanger on our door all year, but we only use it for a month or so. That needed to change. Make an easy burlap bow to decorate a wreath for fall.

I happened to be at the craft store for supplies for another project when I saw that wreaths were on sale, so I picked up a simple grapevine one that it looks like I paid about $5 for (thank, Jo-Ann coupons!). I also grabbed 20 feet of orange burlap ribbon (regular $8.99, I spent $5.39) and decided I would make a burlap bow to decorate it. It’s super simple, festive and removable!

I like this idea because it’s really easy, you need no real crafty skills (and only five or 10 minutes) to make it, and you can easily change it out for different seasons.

What You’ll Needsupplies for burlap bow

  • 18-inch grapevine wreath
  • 20 feet burlap ribbon or wide ribbon of your choice
  • scissors
  • floral wire or a long twist tie

What You’ll Dostarting burlap bow

Decide how big you want your bow to be. I eyeballed it but you could measure if you want. Start with a length of ribbon laid out that’s the full width of the bow, then fold the end of the ribbon over the top so the edge is in the middle. burlap bow diy

Lay the burlap ribbon down on top of itself in big loops back and forth until you have as many loops on each side as you want. I went with four. end of burlap bow

Bring the ribbon back to the center of your bow-to-be, wrap it around the center to secure (this is really optional because you’re going to tie it in a minute, but it hides the end better) and cut. finished burlap bow

Using the remaining burlap ribbon, find the center point of the ribbon and the bow and tie a knot to secure the center of the bow. bow on wreath

Use a long twist tie or floral wire to secure the bow to the wreath.

Puff up the ribbon as desired. Burlap is heavy so it holds its shape somewhat, but if you want a perfectly shaped bow opt for ribbon with wire edges. fall decor porch

Hang on the door, puff some more, trim the tails as necessary to make them even and admire your handiwork all autumn long.

Do you decorate the porch for fall or Halloween? I’d love to hear what you do!

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  1. Yikes, it’s time to put the fall wreath up. An added bow would be just the thing to update it. Thanks for the nudge.

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