Painting with Frozen Watercolors

watercolor handprint

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The other weekend husband was going out of town, and it was one of those uncharacteristically hot spring weekends, so I wanted to have something fun and special planned that we could do in the heat. painting with frozen watercolors

We didn’t need it then, because we stayed much longer at a birthday party than we probably should have, but this past weekend was another hot one and we didn’t leave the house other than to run a couple of errands, so by Sunday we were in need of some amusement.

All I did was take some of our liquid watercolors and froze them in an ice cube tray.

frozen watercolors
Keep the colors in the tray and refreeze for next time.

I used all the paint we had, then made up some purple, too, since that’s the girl’s favorite. (I think I used 6 drops of red and 12 of blue, but I don’t remember exactly. And while it looks black it actually paints purple.

I stuck little pieces of straws into some of them to make handles, but it was fine either way.

We headed to the back porch with some paper and went to town.

watercolor ice
Using the paints without a “handle.”

If you do it without the handles (and probably even with them) you’ll want to have some wipes at the ready for cleaning off your hands. (It’s just food coloring, so it will wear off eventually.)

watercolor handprint
Attempting a handprint.

The girl and I both had a lot of fun with this one, and it was fun to get to play with ice and make art at the same time.

watercolor ice cubes
My favorite of hers. She says it’s a lake with an island and the brownish part is an alligator.

Do you do any special art projects when it’s hot outside? I’d love to hear about them!

watercolor ice painting
And this is the one I made. I like lines.

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  1. What a great idea. My daughter loves to paint and this looks like a fun alternative to the regular brush and mess.

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