Have Fun as a Family with Nature Scavenger Hunts

Ideas for nautre scavenger hunts, a fun family activity.

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The girl loves going on walks, wandering through creek beds and exploring nature wherever she can get it, and she will sometimes specifically ask to do a nature scavenger hunt.Ideas for nautre scavenger hunts, a fun family activity.

Nature scavenger hunts are really a fun activity for everyone in the family, because you can all get into trying to find some of the items or coming up with things to count or add to the list as you go.

When we did our nature scavenger hunt with a list I prepared last fall, we ended up adding lots of different things, counting flags and different kinds of animals we saw along the way in addition to the basic stuff that had already been on my list.free fall scavenger hunt printable

That’s a great reminder, too, that even if you start with a printed list from somewhere else, you can add your own ideas and things that are relevant to where you will be hunting if you like.

Printable Nature Scavenger Huntsprintable scavenger hunts for family fun

Eye Spy Nature Scavenger Hunt — The Joys of Boys — great for pre-readers and walking in the mountains

Nature Scavenger Hunt — Crystal and Comp — this one is a coloring sheet, which is really cute

Nature Scavenger Hunt — the Taylor House — this one actually involves collecting things, and could be done over and over at different times of year

Nature Walk Printable — the Measured Mom — uses pictures and could be colored in

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt — Spaceships and Laser Beams — basic printable list

Nature Scavenger Hunt — How to Nest for Less — includes things you can gather, colors to look for, shapes and textures

Sensory Nature Scavenger Hunt — Racheous — great way to explore adjectives with kids

Two Printable Scavenger Hunts — the Jenny Evolution — one is shorter and includes things to find and ways to use your senses

Outdoor Sketching Scavenger Hunt — Buggy and Buddy — find things and draw them

Easy Nature Scavenger Hunt — East Coast Mommy — easy for pre-readers

Bird Scavenger Hunt — Inspirational Laboratories — look for birds and things birds need

Bug Scavenger Hunt — Preschool Powol Packets — cute clip art, too

More Scavenger Hunts

more scavenger hunts to try with your family
Alphabet Scavenger Hunt — Fun at Home with Kids

Zoo Scavenger Hunt — I Can Teach My Child

Around the Town Scavenger Hunt — Hands On as We Grow

Hiking Scavenger Hunt — Make and Takes

Beach Scavenger Hunt — Buggy and Buddy

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt — 3 Boys and a Dog

Library Scavenger Hunt — No Twiddle Twaddle

Playground Scavenger Hunt — Edventures with Kids

Hotel Scavenger Hunt — Moms and Munchkins

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