The Easiest Homemade Bread Recipe Ever

Once fall and winter come along, the easiest homemade bread recipe sure comes in handy. I make this pretty much every week to go with soup, and the leftovers are perfect to make grilled cheese, French toast or grilled bread to go with other meals. I have baked a lot of different kinds of bread […]

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Bake Something

Spend some time this weekend baking something really great, like this bread.

I saved this one for a weekend even though I did it a while ago because it’s probably more realistic for someone who doesn’t work at home to bake on the weekends rather than some random Wednesday. Today’s craft challenge is to bake something. Bonus points if you do it with any kids who happen […]

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Improving on a Classic

Banana Bread

My family does not do a great job eating bananas. We seem to buy some almost every week, but a week rarely goes by when we actually finish a bunch before it turns brown. So I have several go-to banana bread recipes, including one that’s been in my mom’s family now four generations. The original […]

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Things I Love: Homemade Bread Made Easy

finished bread

I love to bake. But even though I’m home pretty much every weekday for about six hours at a time without anyone else in the house, I don’t bake all that much. Or at least I don’t bake a lot of fussy stuff. I really love to bake bread. I would love to have fresh-baked […]

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