How I Do Morning Pages

morning pages

When I talk about doing morning pages — which I do kind of a lot — I often get questions about how it’s done and how I work with them. I don’t feel like I quite do it in the same way that Julia Cameron, who introduced morning pages to the world in her book […]

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A Self- Care Challenge

coffee shop pages

The act of creating just for yourself is a way to taking care of yourself, but I hope that in time it will expand into other areas of self-care, for you and for me. In my world, where taking care of myself is not really a normal thing, self-care can be as simple as making […]

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Mourning Your Creative Losses

burning manuscript

This quote turned up on Julia Cameron’s Facebook feed the other day, and it’s really appropriate for me because I’ve been thinking about the need to remember and acknowledge our creative losses in order to move on from them. One of the most powerful sessions at Blissdom this year was the one led by Bianca […]

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