Sew on a Button {Craft Challenge, Day 105}

Sew on a button, and add a little flair.

OK, I know sewing on a button doesn’t sound very creative, or challenging, for that matter. And maybe it’s not. But the very act of sewing, even mindless sewing like sewing on a button, is meditative, and who says the thread you use has to be the same color as the fabric you’re sewing into […]

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How to Tie a Knot for Hand Sewing

How to tie a strong, large knot in thread for hand sewing

When I was teaching the kids a little sewing at school yesterday, I started out with how I like to tie a knot for hand sewing. I thought this was pretty basic — and it is — but it kind of stopped everyone in their tracks. Even the adults in the room didn’t know this […]

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