How to Paint with a Credit Card

painting with a credit card

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I haven’t gotten very far with my art journaling this week, but I did start a background yesterday using one of my favorite classic techniques of art journaling or mixed media artists: painting with a credit card.

You don’t have to actually use a credit card, of course. Any little hard plastic card will work. If you do use a credit card or membership card, make sure it’s expired, of course.

All you have to do is glop some paint on the paper (this is Americana in cherry red and baby pink)

paint drops paper
Just dribble paint all over the place. You don’t need a lot (but probably more than this).

and use the card to push it around. This is a great, easy way to add texture and to get chunkier looking “strokes” than you can do with a brush.

painting with a credit card
Maybe take your fingerless gloves off when you do yours.

I didn’t have enough paint when I started so I added more pink to the top. You can add as much or as little paint as you want, build up layers or leave it kind of flat. Whatever you want.

credit card painting
The finished background. Will become a page soon.

It’s a great way to cover a page without using a lot of paint or even to use up paint you have left from another project. Just put it on some paper, push it around and you have a background started for another day and you didn’t waste your leftovers. What could be better than that?

Do you paint with credit cards and other funky items? I’d love to hear what you’ve experimented with.

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