Learn to Knit Socks with Me!

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For a while now I’ve been teaching in the Rebecca Page workshops, a series of crafty summits chock-full of classes on different topics you can enjoy from your home.

I’ve taught book making, embroidery on paper and more, and finally I’ve done my first knitting class for them.

Rebecca Page Holiday Crafts Summit

As part of the upcoming Holiday Crafts Summit, which is running Nov. 14-18, I’ve produced a class that will teach you all the basics for knitting socks, by knitting worsted weight mini stockings that are perfect for holding a gift card.

Make a bunch and use them at your holiday table to hold silverware or in place of a place card. Or make a couple dozen to make an advent calendar!

Learn to Knit a Sock Stockings

This mini knitting stocking is worked in different colors to show the main parts of a sock.

These little stockings have all the same steps you need to complete a top-down sock to fit a human foot. We start with the cast on, learn three different ways to work in the round (and three different ways to join for working in the round), knit a cuff and a leg and explore ways to embellish them.

There’s a quick heel flap short row heel turn and picking up stitches for the gusset. It’s over so fast you won’t have time to be nervous, and then you’ll know there was nothing to be worried about in the first place.

Then there’s a little bit of decreasing, knitting the foot and some more decreasing for the toe.

The only thing we don’t cover that you’d use in knitting a “normal” sock is grafting, because there are so few stitches left at the end I just closed it like you would the top of a hat.

We also cover embellishments that can happen after the knitting is done, such as duplicate stitch, surface embroidery, sewing on buttons…the sky’s the limit for how you can make these your own.

Join Me in the VIP Class

The summit is free if you watch it live — certain classes are available each day of the summit (Nov. 14-18) for 24 hours only.

But if you want to keep the videos and patterns you can purchase the VIP pass, which also includes my class and two others that are exclusive to the VIP students.

This is a great way to learn not only how to knit socks, but a bunch of other fun holiday themed crafts, including things like:

  • embroidered letter hoop art
  • crocheted kiwi amigurumi
  • fabric hair bows
  • crepe paper roses
  • stocking treat bags to sew
  • origami flower wreath
  • tool roll organizer
  • pop up greeting card

and so much more!

The other VIP classes include polymer clay jewelry and how to turn a T-shirt pattern into a dress.

It’s so much content that you can use for gifts throughout the year, holiday decor or things to make for yourself.

Check out the full lineup and sign up here! I can’t wait to craft — and learn to knit a sock — with you!

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