Brick Stitch Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

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This brick stitch baby blanket knitting pattern is literally just a pattern because I never finished the blanket and am planning to rip out what I did knit, but it’s such a pretty start I wanted to share it anyway.

The Case of the Never-Finished Blanket

With an opening like that, you know there’s got to be a story, right? Well here it is.

A couple of years ago now I was working on an ebook of baby knitting patterns for Craft Gossip, and this pattern was one of the projects I planned to include. (As of right now their store is closed but I will add a link here if I see it’s available again!)

I started knitting it and was loving it and then I set it aside for some reason (probably to work on a different project for a little while, because even pretty blankets can get boring sometimes) and when I wanted to finish it, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

This understandably was a little embarrassing to admit. I don’t have a super messy house, so how could I lose a whole knitting project? I looked in all the places that made sense for it to be, but I never could find it, so I started another project to include in the ebook instead.

And then, like months later. I found it.

In the closet we use as a tornado shelter.

I guess I must have taken it in there when we were sheltering and then forgot all about it.

Anyway, by then the book project was done, and I didn’t have any particular need for a baby blanket. It also reminded me that I want to knit Stephen West’s Painting Bricks sweater (Ravelry link), and even though that pattern calls for DK weight I’m pretty sure I could use this combo of worsted weight yarns to make it.

Brick Stitch Baby Blanket Caveats

But it’s still really pretty as a baby blanket, and I didn’t want all that work or this cute idea to go to waste, so I figured I’d write up the pattern anyway.

I’m making my best educated guess at how much yarn you might need. You do not need to know all the drama I went through trying to estimate how much yarn I would have used of each kind if I had completed the whole blanket, but it was substantial. It’s never wrong to buy more yarn than you think you’ll need, or go diving in stash to make your own multicolored “color B.”

I ultimately determined that I was using about 6 yards of color A and 4 yards and 2 feet of color B in every two rows (so 3 yards of A and 1 yard 1 foot of B per row). Based on how many rows I had worked I figured out how many rows I would need to make a 36 inch long blanket, which are the numbers you’ll see below.

Also mine seemed to be going for stroller size (it’s 31 inches/78.74cm wide) so if you want a wider blanket you would of course need more yarn. I like the standard 36 inch square baby blanket for most purposes. Brick stitch works on a multiple of 4 plus 3 stitches so you can adjust as needed based on your gauge and the size you want for your blanket.


  • Based on the description of my measurement above, I think I would use about 459 yards of color A and 204 yards of color B. My color A is Lion Brand Basic Stitch in Silver Heather. The color B is Lion Brand Mandala Tweed Stripes, which has been discontinued. Mandala Ombre would be a good substitute.
  • one long circular needle (to hold the stitches comfortably) size 7 US/4.5mm
  • scissors and yarn needle


18 stitches and 34 rows per inch in Brick Stitch pattern. If you measure your gauge you can easily adjust the width of your blanket to make a different size, just remember you need multiples of 4 plus 3 stitches to make the pattern work.

Brick Stitch Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

With color A (this is the “mortar” color around the bricks), cast on 139 stitches.

Rows 1 and 2: Knit.

Row 3: Change to color B (the “brick” color) and knit 1, *slip 1 with yarn in back, knit 3. Repeat from * to last 2 stitches, slip 1, knit 1. (This is the right side of the blanket.)

Row 4: Purl 1, *slip 1 with yarn in front, purl 3. Repeat from * to last 2 stitches, slip 1, purl 1.

Rows 5 and 6: Knit with color A.

Row 7: Change to color B and knit 3, *slip one with yarn in back, knit 3. Repeat from * across.

Row 8: Purl 3, *slip 1 with yarn in front, purl 3. Repeat from * across.

Repeat row 1-8 to desired length. Knit 2 rows in color A and bind off.

So there you have it! I hope you’ll give this pretty brick stitch baby blanket a try (and let me know how much yarn you use if you do)!

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