Learn My Favorite Yarn Stash Busting Strategies

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Stash-Busting Strategies is my brand new ebook all about creative ways to use your single skeins, odd balls, leftovers and I don’t even remember what that yarn is!

If you knit or crochet, odds are pretty good that you’ve accumulated a yarn stash.

Odds are also pretty good that you might feel like your stash is a little too big.

From SABLE to Stable

You might have even heard yarn crafters use the term SABLE, which means Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectation.

It’s a shorthand ways of saying you have so much yarn you don’t expect to be able to use it all before you die.

It’s meant to be funny, but then again, it’s kind of not.

Don’t you want to be able to knit or crochet all the yarn you have? If you liked it enough to buy it, shouldn’t you want to respect it enough to use it?

(And if you don’t, maybe it’s time for some decluttering.)

Some yarn stash busting strategies may be in order.

Enter: Stash Busting Strategies

This ebook is a full 50 pages of inspiration and ideas for using your stash. Whether you knit, crochet or use a circular knitting machine, there are project ideas here for you.

We’ll talk through evaluating your stash, figuring out what’s in there (even those partial balls that have been in there for years and long since lost their ball bands) and deciding how to use it.

You’ll learn how to pair yarn and patterns based on what you have, and ways to extend your stash busting by adding stripes, pockets or other design elements that make your yarn go farther or use up your stash faster.

These stash busting strategies are the same ones I’m using to put a dent in my stash, and I share plenty of photos of different projects I’ve made (mostly knitting, but some crochet, too) using these tips.

Let’s Get Stash Busting!

If you’re ready to take your stash busting strategies to the next level, you can grab a copy of the ebook for free just by signing up for my email newsletter.

(Already a subscriber? Head to the freebies page to grab your copy. You should have the password in the welcome email I sent; I also add it to my newsletters regularly.)

If you check the book out I would love to hear your thoughts and tips. Let me know about your epic stash busting projects and I may share your strategies in an updated version of the book. We’re all in this together!

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