Easy Corn Casserole Recipe

We’ve been making this easy corn casserole recipe for as long as I can remember. If we were ever not hosting Thanksgiving, this is the side dish I would take. It’s easy (like, my kid could make it herself as soon as she could open a can), delicious and it’s corn! Speaking of easy, if […]

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Notions: Cooking with Kids Edition

how do you cook iwth your kids and preserve cooking memories?

My husband’s birthday was Friday (as I have mentioned), and we celebrated with his family on Saturday, which always means his mom makes pineapple upside down cake. I’ve had the recipe for years but I’ve never actually made it because, well, hers is surely better. But I mentioned that it would be good sometime for […]

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Simple Strawberry Syrup

strawberry syrup recipe

Yesterday was use up the old produce day here at the White House. First, I made banana bread (I have shared that recipe before), then I grabbed the soft strawberries that had been sitting in our fridge for a week and whipped up a quick strawberry syrup. I got this idea from The Slow Roasted […]

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Getting Back to Craft

finished art

While I was working on the book, I was only knitting (and doing some little crafty things with the girl, but nothing too planned). Now that I’ve been done with the book for almost a month, I’m still mostly just knitting. This tells me that I made a savvy career move and actually do like […]

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Super Simple Bread and Butter Pickles

pickles in juice

I am not a pickle person. I never have been. I’m not particularly fond of dill, is my main problem. When I was younger, I would make pickles for 4-H, and people said they were good, but I never tried them. Now that I’m a little older, I can tolerate a pickle if I have […]

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