Keep Your Big Goals in Mind for More Productivity

dictionary focus

I consider myself a pretty productive person, and I know when I share on Facebook the results of particularly productive days people tend to be impressed and/or jealous, or at least curious about how I get so much done. I don’t always know what makes one day more productive than another, but I’m developing a […]

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Not Much Action {One Little Word}

craft book purge

You can tell I didn’t have a great month on my One Little Word project last month because I’ve taken this long into the next month to write about it. My focus for last month was “create action,” which was fitting because the challenge for the group was also to take action in a way […]

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A Slight Change in Focus

painting creativity

I chose the word “create” as my word for the year in part because I feel like I am a creative person but I don’t always feel that creative. Crafting is my job, and all too often it does in fact feel like work, and that needs to change. The more I think about it, […]

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