Not Much Action {One Little Word}

craft book purge

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You can tell I didn’t have a great month on my One Little Word project last month because I’ve taken this long into the next month to write about it.

My focus for last month was “create action,” which was fitting because the challenge for the group was also to take action in a way that would be meaningful to your word.

But I basically blew off last month. I don’t really know why. My intention was to clean up my office (as it pretty much perpetually is, sigh) and while I got some things accomplished it is not where I would have liked it to be.

Toward the end of the month I did take one action, which was to start going through books and taking the ones I want to donate into the hallway so they aren’t in my office any more.

craft book purge
Anybody want some craft books? (Really I’m taking them to the library.)

The goal was to purge 100 books; I think I only got to 60-something but there are plenty more to look through.

I really need to get back to scheduling daily time for cleaning in my office until it’s done, but I haven’t gotten motivated to do so just yet.

This month’s focus is “create meaning,” which I have been thinking about and will share a little more about probably tomorrow.

Anyone else doing One Little Word or trying to keep up with a resolution? How’s it going for you? Tell me I’m not alone in losing momentum!

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