On Keeping the Spark

bob woodward

Journalists have the best job in the world, because whenever someone gets boring you can stop paying attention. I’ve never heard an editor say ‘let’s go find something boring to cover today.’ — A sort of quote from Bob Woodward I happen to still live in the town where I went to university (all of […]

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blue house

I’ve been trying not to write this post all week. I started writing it in a notebook on Sunday and stopped partway through. Yesterday, I typed up that bit, added some more, then deleted it. What gives me the right to write about him? I asked myself. If you think about it, we only were […]

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A Story about Two Honorable Men

I don’t make a big deal a lot of the time about the fact that I was a journalism major in school and spent some time in the newspaper (and then the book publishing) business before leaving it all behind for the glamor and fame of craft writing. (Ha!) But even though I don’t consider […]

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