Sew a Christmas Tree Softie

Sew a Christmas tree softie for the tree or a gift.

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I love doing little hand-sewing projects, and the girl is starting to get into them, too. (I had so much fun working through Crafty Critters with some of my fiber arts students and I can’t wait for the girl to make some of these adorable things, too.)Sew a Christmas tree softie for the tree or a gift.

I thought it would be fun to make a little Christmas tree softie, which can be a decoration used on the tree, part of a small world scene or a storytelling box, or as a cute gift for a little one on your list.

They’re also fun for little ones to make.

Sewing a Christmas Tree Softie

All you need for this Christmas tree softie project is a piece of green felt and some bits of yarn. I used yard scraps for my stuffing, too, because I’m a knitter and that’s what I do, but you can use regular fiber stuffing if you have that on hand. Sew a Christmas tree softie for the tree or a gift.

Fold your felt in half so you’ll be cutting through two layers at the same time (this ensures your tree pieces come out the same shape).

Use a marker to draw a tree shape. You can download a printable Christmas tree coloring page and use that as a template if you’d rather, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Sew a Christmas tree softie for the tree or a gift.

Cut out the tree shapes, going through both layers.

Use bits of yarn to embroider ornaments and other designs. I used x shapes, French knots, back stitching and just making some big stitches to look like garland. You could also use buttons, other pieces of felt, etc. Or add your decorations with fabric paint or glitter glue. Sew a Christmas tree softie for the tree or a gift.

Hold the pieces of the tree together and sew them together. I started at the bottom and used a whip stitch. Begin to stuff the tree lightly as you go. Make sure you like the level of stuffing and have moved stuffing into the branches and trunk before you finish sewing.

This was such a fun little project, and it would be a great one for a group of kids to do for their parents or grandparents. Just make sure they add some personalization and the year somewhere (you can do this on the back with a marker) so the recipient will remember who it came from and when.

Do you do any softie sewing? Check out the Sew a Softie for the holidays posts and Facebook group for more sewing fun.


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  1. What a sweet project Sarah! I loved your little french knot ornaments. Its really a great project for a group of kids. Thanks for being part of the ‘Sew a Softie’ for the holidays campaign 🙂

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