Sew an Infinity Scarf and #givewarmth

Sew an infinity scarf for yourself, your friends, your kids and #givewarmth.

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What if you want to #givewarmth to someone who lives somewhere it doesn’t get that cold? Or you want to do something that isn’t a no-sew scarf option, but you’re not a knitter or a crocheter?

Why not sew an infinity scarf? It’s a really quick and easy project you can make a bunch of quickly, and they are so cute and easy to wear. They’re also great for kids, because there are no ends to get caught in things while they play, and it can’t fall off and be abandoned on the playground.Sew an infinity scarf for yourself, your friends, your kids and #givewarmth.

How to Sew an Infinity Scarf

I picked up some fabric out of my stash to make this infinity scarf. It was two yards and 50 inches wide.

I used the full length and cut a piece 20 inches wide, so that when sewn my scarf would be 10 inches wide. If you want yours wider or narrower adjust accordingly.

You should really iron your fabric. I didn’t, and that made the sewing a little slower going than it might have been. It’s worth the time it takes to drag out the iron.Sew an infinity scarf for yourself, your friends, your kids and #givewarmth.

There are several ways you can do this, but I folded my fabric longwise, right sides together, and sewed all the way down that long edge. You can also sew one of the short sides closed at this point.

Turn the whole thing right side out, getting those corners as flat as you can. Tuck the raw edges of the other side into the inside of the tube (here’s another place an iron would be handy, fold it in and press before your turn the tube right side out) and tuck the finished edge into the opening.Sew an infinity scarf for yourself, your friends, your kids and #givewarmth.

Sew the edge down with the other end inside the tube.

Yes you have a visible seam this way, but it’s not that noticeable when you wear it, and it’s a super easy way to sew an infinity scarf quickly for gifts or so you can have one for every outfit you wear. Not that you would do that. I wouldn’t, either.

More Sewn Scarf ProjectsSew an infinity scarf for yourself, your friends, your kids and #givewarmth.

Inspired to try sewing more scarves? Here are some more great patterns.

This reversible cowl is made from two purchased fleece scarves cut to size, but you can use regular fabric, too. Check out the DIY at Rosyscription.

Mary’s Crafts and Quilts has a great tutorial for an infinity scarf made with jersey fabric and lace. So pretty!

When I was coming up with my pattern, I really wanted to do something with a stack of black and white patterned fat quarters I have, but I wasn’t quite sure how to do it. Now I know, thanks to this fat quarter cowl from Sew Homegrown.

If you have some fleece left over from the no-sew options, check out this pretty cuddly (and ruffly) fleece scarf from Suez Babic.

Polka Dot Chair has a couple of great tutorials, including the infinity travel scarf (with snaps!) and a reversible plaid scarf.

Make a manly scarf with wool fabric and suede patches, with this tutorial from Luck and Bliss.

Or turn an old sweater into a scarf like the one at Create/Enjoy or this hooded version from Instructables.

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