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I’m trying to get a hundred things done today so I can take tomorrow off to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary with my sweetie, so here’s a short one for you.

knit picks books
These new books have some great patterns!

The giveaway this week is two new pattern books from Knit Picks: Uptown Chic and American Prairie. These are books that started out as ebooks and they now have the print option. I wrote about them on my knitting blog, but they each have six patterns and over a nice variety for being such small collections (I particularly like that cabled tunic on the front of Uptown Chic). I may throw in a ball of Knit Picks yarn, too, if I can find a whole one in here anywhere…

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post. Answer me the question: are you a country person or a city person? Why?

Giveaway is open until end of the day next Thursday (that’s May 24, for folks keeping score). Good luck!

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  1. Actually, I’m a small town girl! I love spending time in the country, but I like living in town with stores and restaurants conveniently nearby! Especially the yarn and craft shops!

  2. I’m a city girl who loves to visit the visual grandeur of the country. Although, I do get a bit twitchy when I know I’m VERY far away from buildings, noise and the bustle of cities! Here in Hobart, Tasmania we can relatively easily, in terms of short distances, get away to genuine world class wilderness and stand in awe at it’s beauty. Our city is easy to get around, too, and our state has everything a girl could wish for who loves to craft with textiles. After all, the world’s best wool yarn, Cormo, is only produced in Tasmania!!

  3. Well, I live on a island, so I love being able to look at the sea from almost everywhere. I am a quiet person who enjoys to be in contact with the nature, so i guess you can count me as a country person.

  4. I grew up a city person but now I seem to be a country person, though I definitely like being part of a town rather than entirely out there – we’ve got a real sense of community, and I’d miss that. And I do like have the resources of bigger towns within reach. But one of the lovely things about KnitPicks is that you can get their packages anywhere (no yarn shop or even general craft store in our town)!

  5. I am definitely a country person. I don’t like crowds – and that includes a lot of traffic on the roads. I prefer the simpler, calmer, quieter life in the country where we can have our dog and child roam free.

  6. I’m a country person. I love grass and trees and not being crowded by buildings and pavement.

  7. I am difinitely a country person. I prefer the slow paced life! The city is exciting to visit from time to time though!

  8. I guess I’m more of a country person. I grew up in NH and now live in a far more urban area in NC. I miss the woods, the mountains, the lakes, the quiet at night. But I do like being able to go into the city every once in a while.

  9. I’m a country girl at heart. I like being able to visit the city and do all the shopping fun but then drive home and have a quite cozy place to knit the night away.

  10. I’m a city girl. I love to watch people and see what different types of styles they work with and incorporate into their daily routines. Being around so much diversity also makes for great inspiration with my knitting.

  11. I’m more of a city person. I live in a suburban city, and I love it here. I don’t go out into the country very often.

  12. I’m a city person because I love to be able to get to anywhere I want to go without having to get into my car – walking, biking, and public transportation! I also love being surrounded by museums, libraries,great architecture. I’m a people-watcher too…lots of good park benches and loads of people in the city! I love my current city (Pittsburgh) – a good balance of greenery/trees and city-living on most blocks.

  13. I am completely a country girl! I grew up on a farm and LOVED it! Living in a town right now and I can not WAIT to move out into the country. Thanks for the great give-a-way!

  14. Is there anything as in-between? lol
    I am country at heart growing up on a mini farm and enjoying the per-say naturals in life, but I’m a bit city too. Can’t live without my tattoos and rock music and a little city fashion 🙂

  15. I was raised a small town girl, but I fell in love with city living when I spent a summer in Hong Kong. One of the best summers of my life.

  16. I’m a country mouse and city mouse all rolled into one! Born in the country, I will always love it. But now I’m a city gal, looking forward to raising my first baby less than 6 blocks from the library, carousel, riverfront, museum, Science Center and more.

  17. Hmmm, well I’m not an outdoorsy person, but I don’t like the crowds of the city. I guess I’m more of a country person, with a little bit of city girl. 🙂

  18. Small town city person. I like the benefits of living in town but the country is right down the lane so it doesn’t take long to get lost in it.

  19. City all the way! Love the hustle and bustle, love having a lot of choices when it comes to shopping, dining, entertainment. I’ve vacationed in the country and while it is nice for relaxing and getting knitting done, I am NOT outdoorsy at all. Darling, I love you, but give me Park Avenue!! ^_^

  20. Ia city person living in the country. I loved living in the city when I was single. Now, being married and having two small daughters I prefer living in the country and giving them room and space to play. They can explore nature, animals (100 square feet cow pasture behind our backyard) and a vegetable and flower garden.

  21. Country person all the way. I grew up on a farm in rural WV that raised beef cattle. I like the tranquility of farm life and the friendliness of a more rural area. (Although I admit to enjoying the convenience of a more suburban existence now.)

  22. I’m a country girl in a little city. I grew up in the woods in upstate NY, but now I live on Lake Michigan in a quaint little tourist town and I love it! I love being part of a little city with the necessities only a bike ride away, but small enough that I can hear the waves crash and the birds sing.

  23. City person! I’m living in the country right now – rural Ukraine – and while I love my life here, but when I go home in June I’m moving from the ‘burbs to NYC as soon as I’m employed.

  24. I’m definitely a country person. I love the sounds of nature, the beautiful views, less crowds, friendlier people and you can see the stars at night. I just feel so much more relaxed out in the open countryside than I do boxed in by people and buildings, it’s a feeling of freedom that you don’t find in a city. 🙂

  25. Having lived in country, city and most of in between, I can say without a doubt that I’m a city girl! I love the action of the city, the culture, the atmosphere, all of it!

  26. I grew up as a country person, loved living in the city when I was in and just out of college (I lived in NYC for 3 months, and London for 3 other months), and now I find myself wanting to go back to the country. I love having things to do but lately I want to garden and hike and just walk out into a backyard of green!!!

  27. Country gal all the way. I’ve traveled all over the world to work in some of the greatest cities on the planet. I’ve lived in the ‘burbs. And now I live in the country.

    That said, I do love having a city within an hour’s drive. I *love* to visit… then return to my quiet little house with my dogs and cats and chickens and goats and my garden and fruit trees and my meadows and forests…

  28. I’m definitely a country girl! Love the peace and quiet and watching the Northern Lights at night. Love having no street lights!

  29. I am a country girl for sure … live in the country and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I can breathe in the country.

  30. I am a suburbs type not as busy as the city but not as deprived of stores as the country =) Being Military we’ve lived in every type of community in all types of states so I think I am a Burbs type of girl =)

  31. City city city ! I love the sound of people busily going about their business. I love the access to the theater, sporting events, and variety of restaurants. I love to see all the different people and hear many languages. Big city take me away 🙂

  32. I’m a city girl. I couldn’t live away from all the craft shops and yarn shops in my city. Plus it’s much easier to meet up with other avid knitters like myself.

  33. I’d love these more if they were crochet patterns. I don’t knit, but I buy lots of yarn from this website!

  34. I’m country all the way – even when I’m living in town! Even when I try to dress up, it comes out country, ha! Love the cables and texture on the Uptown Chic and would love to knit them, but the cover on American Prairie is definitely who I am.

  35. I am a city person. I was born in a city. I love the pace and the convenience of transportation. I love the city people walk. I love that, in the city, everything is in easy reach.

  36. Definitely a country person. Love the great outdoors and being away from the sights & sounds of civilization.

  37. I am a country person. I need the nature and the land but I love the city, too. It’s excitement and flow are so exciting and different after the country

  38. I’m a country girl at heart. Love the simple life, fresh air, blue sky, stars at night. Love to able to leave work and be home in 5 minutes eat a quick meal and get my knitting needles in my hands.

  39. I used tho think I was a city girl… but the older I get I love the thought of living in the country for the peace and quiet, the scenery and for not having close neighbors. I would love to have property for my kids to roam around on and have fun!

  40. If it’s possible to be both, I am both. I love to live in the city but I love to escape to the country!

  41. I’m both!(but more country) When I’m in the country, I love the peace and the pace that forces you to remember nature and your own connections to things like sunlight and sleep. The country, for me, is about being practical and working hard and loving moments. When I’m in the city, I feel jazzed up and creative. I love the food, the variety, the sparkle and the lights and the people. The city, for me, is about being high tension, and all the amazing things you can do with that energy.

  42. I am most definitely a country person. Having grown up in the rural areas of Alabama and Mississippi, country is in my bones. Cities are too noisy, busy and crowded for me. I prefer a slow, lazy pace to life… and you can only truly get that in the country.

  43. A country girl who lives on multi acres who works in a 40-story building in a large city who can’t wait to go home to the country at the end of each working day.

  44. I’m a country woman within a ten-mile drive of a small Pier1 and a 24-hour Walgreens. Lucky me!

  45. I’m a country person who has had to live in the city for most of my life. My dream is home out in the woods where I can see the stars brightly, hear nature’s songs and breathe fresh clean air.

  46. I am a city girl for sure, but I do love our weekend getaways to our cottage up north.

  47. Definitely a city girl — but I live in a neighborhood away from the center so I can have a garden also.

  48. I’m a small town girl at heart but live in a suburb of Vancouver BC, Ladner BC. I was born on Haida Gwaii, BC and raised in Prince Rupert BC & lived there till I was 48. You can take the girl out of the small town but you can’t take the small town out of the girl!

  49. I thought I was a city girl because I spent the first 20 years of my life there. I am now officially a country girl. I like a slower pace… it gives me more time to knit. 🙂

  50. I’m more of a country gal, although I do love the more sophisticated city looks sometimes, too… But if I’d have to choose, it’d have to be country. I want to buy land in the southwestern corner of Wisconsin and build a house of sustainable materials, and grow our own meat and produce.

  51. I am “relaxed city” – I like to have access to everything current and chic, but experience them at my own pace!

  52. I’m a country girl living in the city. I can’t afford to buy any land in the country nor the toys that one one need to keep it mowed. I think that my husband is just trying to save us some money because he knows that I would adopt every kind of animal and he doesn’t want to work all day to pay for their food! LOL!

  53. I’m a country girl. The quiet, with nothing but the sounds of nature around me. Listening to the birds singing of things, the breeze as it passes through the trees, and the beauty of nature that surrounds me. The calm.

  54. I used to think I was a city girl but have found myself to be a country girl at heart.

  55. I’m a country girl. I do love to visit a big city every now and then.. but I have to head home before I can relax.

  56. I am more of a city person since I walk and take public transportation everywhere. I love the idea of living in the country where I can have more space for growing food, having animals and for the kids to run around.

  57. Country! Stuck in a suburb so I can’t have the chickens I really want :)I would rather live in the country and be able to run, walk and play without the constant worry for my child’s safety. Not fair, they will never know what it is like to be free all day and come home when the street lights come on.

  58. I’m absolutely a city person! I was born in the city, grew up in the suburbs :/ Being in the city totally refreshes and excites me!! I live in NJ by NY and going to The City is one of my favorite day trips!! (haha Chinatown specifically!)

  59. I grew up a country girl, but at 39 I am now a city girl. I like being around people and being close to everything (especially yarn shops!!).

  60. I’m a country girl! I love peaceful, quiet, open spaces. Especially when I knit. But I like not being too far from the city. I still have to have my bookstores, coffee shops, restaurants, and shopping malls. But I’m a country girl at heart, always will be 🙂

  61. I’m a country girl who lives in a big city. GIve me my jeans and comfy sweaters and I’m happy. A good day to me is sitting on the lake shore fishing with my sweetie.

  62. Was born a country person, and still am even though I now live in the city. The American Prairie pattern booklet looks like something I’d be extremely comfortable with (and I’m a big fan of Knit Picks 🙂 )

  63. well I guess I’m both…… the slower pace of country living ( I grew up in a small town) but I love the city as well..being able to go to the theatre, seeing and being apart of different ethnic parts of the city is wonderful………just love life and being apart of it all is wonderful 🙂

  64. I grew up in the country and live in the country now. 🙂 But spent a few years in the city and love to dress uptown chic once in a while for fun, but I’m country through and through! They say you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway offer! Very cool!

  65. I am country. My husband and I own and live on a Dairy Farm. I love how the quiet is interrupted with birds singing, cows mooing. It is so relaxing!

  66. Grew up in the country but live in the city. Raising children and grandchildren in a place that you have to restrict their movements and creativity is hard to do when I grew up running free and diving head long into adventures. I guess that makes me a Country Girl at heart.

  67. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks, too!

    I don’t think that I fit definitively in either the country or city category, as I have great appreciation for both and could find contentedness wherever. For today, though, I think I would call myself a country gal. I think I am getting ready to go to a fiber festival, and that puts me more in a country state of mind!

  68. I’ve lived in the city all my life, so I guess you could call me a city girl, but I’ve always longed to live in the country. I like the country life and I know I could live it. I’m very much a home-body and I love home-making. I’d rather be at home baking or spinning or knitting any day, rather than shopping (although I do enjoy shopping occasionally).

  69. I’m a city girl thats country at heart. I love the serenity of the country. You can slow down and really smell the flowers. No pressure. The city is just go, go, go all the time.

  70. Both! I have to live in the city full time, or I’d go crazy. But one day, if we had enough money, I could see buying a farm out in the country, take it slow on the weekends…

  71. I’m sorta in-between. Portland, Oregon is small enough of a city to have all the culture, restaurants, LYSs, gardens, and museums that I enjoy–but it’s only a short distance to wonderful hiking trails in the Columbia Gorge, the Cascade Mts., and Mt. St. Helen. And only a couple of hours from the Pacific Coast!

  72. I’m a suburban girl who enjoys the hustle and bustle of the city and all that it has to offer. The museums, buildings and focused drive of the business men and women make me enjoy people-watching and wonder what new artistic style will come to be.

  73. Happy Anniversary! We celebrated 20 years last Thursday, the 17th.

    We are country people and now that we are blessed to live in the country on an acreage, we enjoy our country life. We had been gone overnight and my husband commented that he was glad to get back to his little slice of life in the country.

  74. I’m a country girl. I loved being able disappear into the woods with my cousins and just wander and all day. There is a freedom in growing up out in the country that can’t be beat.

  75. Grew up in a small town, live just outside a city now. Miss the slower pace and lack of traffic. I would miss the yarn stores if I lived in the country but there is always mail order like Knitpicks!

  76. I’m definitely a city person! I was born in NYC and have never lived more than 30 minutes from it in my life. The constant flow of art, creativity and people is so inspiring. Just walking down the street is inspiring when you see how people express themselves with clothing, hair and makeup. There is no place on earth like New York 🙂

  77. Although I currently live in the city, I prefer the less populated living of the country and/or woods. I love to listen to the birds, and other wildlife early in the morning without the interruption of cars and trucks disrupting my peacefulness.

  78. I grew up country, longed for the city, lived globally, and am now back in the country. Age helps put things in perspective, and I see that there’s just as much to do in the country as in the city, it’s about finding my own peace…but having a city within a 25 minute drive really does help too!

  79. I’m a bit of both, actually. I really like living in the city, and I’m fortunate that a short drive will get me to very country-like conditions. Each is both stimulating and peaceful in its own way.

  80. I switch back & forth. Grew up in NY, went to college in Western MA, & now live in Nashville. Variety is the way to go for me. I *do* love that cabled tunic though! 🙂

  81. I am totally a city girl who loves living in the country! I love the quiet tranquility of home – but living close enough to the city where I don’t feel isolated!

  82. I’m really more of a suburban girl. I like the convenience of living close to the city (more than 5 minutes to the grocery store is too far!), but like living where it’s quiet and not so densely populated.

  83. I’m more of a city girl myself. I like all the amenities that come with living in a city. Ethnic restaurants, live music, plays, events, energy. Now if only I had time to participate in some of these things. One reason to look forward to emptynesterhood.

  84. When I’m in the city I can feel the pull of city life. I think at heart I’m a country girl though. I’d love to have a house with enough land to have some horses and other livestock. I love the quiet in the country.

  85. I’m a small city girl who finds it appalling that the town I live in now has rush hour traffic jams, and that getting from one side of town to the other can take 30 minutes. Lots of changes over 40+ years!

  86. Can I vote for suburb? I love being 15 minutes from the city, 20 minutes from the beach and 30 minutes from farms. Can’t get better.

  87. I am a country person. Give me the wide open spaces. I do not like feeling closed in by tall buildings and traffic.

  88. I’m a city girl with the heart for the country. I like the wide open spaces of the country (not have my neighbors so close). But I also like the conviences of having things close at hand (shopping) in the city.

  89. I am use to being able to go out and shopping or running errands what ever time of day, so I guess I am more of a city girl.

  90. I’m kind of like the man with the yellow hat, from curious george. I have a 5 yr old who is obsessed with it 🙂 But I love the city! I love everything about it, but every now and then, you just need a get a way in the country. So, I would love to live in the city with a country house for get aways!

  91. I’m a quintessential want-to-be country girl. I volunteer on a local farm often, wear muck boots and cowboy boots in appropriate situations, help with harvesting poultry, and enjoy working in the fields. However, the farmer won’t let me drive the tractor… So, I suppose I will never be a full fledged country girl.

  92. I’m both city AND country! I grew up in the city, but my Dad and his family are from the country. I used to love to go out and visit everyone in the country as a kid. Now here I am about 25 years later, and I’ve moved out to the country (within 2 miles of my Aunt’s house) while everyone else in the family has moved to the city!

  93. A little of both. Grew up in the country. Live in the country now. But enjoy visiting the city…

  94. I am definately country. Grew up on an island out in the Atlantic. Didn’t see a TV until I went to the mainland in 1973. I thought everyone cooked on wood stoves and had fish 5 days a week,had to milk the cows and goats and had a teacher from the mainland teach us in the school house. I couldn’t wait to “grow up” so I could go to shool on the mainland and live in a dormitory.who knew I would travel the world and settle down in a tiny town on the coast! I would have never even thought that was possible! All my life I’ve knitted. The one constant hobby and necessity on the island. I would love the book. I’ve never won anything in my life,except for my hubby. Oops! I didn’t win him. He was a gift! Have a lovely day! ( me)

  95. I am a country person. I like the sound of the peepers, and the smell of the garden, and the feel of the dirt.

  96. I think I may be an in-between person. I live in the city, but I spend every minute I can out and away from it. I like my townhouse living – with the grocery store in walking distance, but I also like spending time out on the range and exploring the WMA’s hiking trails.

  97. Country, for sure. The open spaces, huge gardens, and lambs bounding through the pasture make for a wonderful summer!

  98. country person by birth, city person currently. I love the wide space of the country, and the quietness, but I also love the opportunities that the city provides.

  99. Both! Live in the city, love the country and visit often with the kids.

  100. I am a country girl with city girl tastes. I grew up in rural central Oregon but now live in a central Oregon “City” as it has grown so much in the past 50 years. I think I prefer the slower pace of the country but also appreciate having what you need or want in the city without having to go too far to get it, which includes living within a mile of two different yarn stores! Love that about the city!

  101. I’m totally a country girl. I love being away from the hustle and bustle of cities. Some may call me a hermit, but there’s nothing I like more than hanging out far away from the rest of civilization in my quiet yard surrounded by birds and butterflies. There’s nothing wrong with visiting the city once in a while, though. There aren’t too many yarn stores out in the country! 🙂

  102. I was raised in the country and my nearest playmate was nearly 1/4 mile away. I live in a small city, but wish I could move further out and live on at least 10 acres.

  103. Definitely country! (Lived in the city for 27 years so I know what I’m talking about)

  104. I’m a country person. I love visiting cities, but require the smells, sounds, and breezes of the country to feel contented and at peace.

  105. I’m a country girl who is stuck in suburbia for now but has a place on the coast we are fixing up in a rural town and my neighbors are horses.

  106. I grew up in the country, and have lived in the city for the last 10 years. I still love the country and luckily we have some land way out in the country that we like to spend weekends and holidays at.

  107. A Texan in New Jersey and country all the way. Hubby hates a long drive to get to anything, but the return to the country is worth it to me.

  108. I love the ideas of both books. I live in a city called Grand Prairie and think the American Prairie book is calling my name.

  109. I think that I am in between…so maybe a small town girl. I like knowing that I can go to the city when I want some hustle and bustle and I can also go to the country for some peace and quiet but a small town gives me just enough quiet and is just enough shops and entertainment with out it being overwhelming.

  110. I am country. Presently living small town rural on the Canadian prairies. Lived off the grid most of my childhood and would do it again in a flash.

  111. Honestly, a bit more country. After living in the big city for a few years, I realized I missed the family and small town feel of the country. Also, chickens are kinda cute.

  112. I would have to say a country girl. I love hanging my clothes on line to dry, walking bare foot in the grass, and playing ball with my boys 🙂

  113. Well, I’m really more of a country person, but have been living in cities for most of my adult life now…. I just make sure I get enough of a dose of hiking and being outdoors, and my husband and I have a large garden, even though we live in the city. At least it’s not too big — Albuquerque, New Mexico could be worse. I’m happy that we had such a great view of the eclipse last night!

  114. I love anywhere where I can watch the birds, feel the dirt between my toes, and smell the flowers. Oh….that’s my backyard!

  115. Country person at heart, but living in the city. The work commute would be way to long for us to live in the country so for now it’s city living for us.

  116. I am a country girl, born and raised in Alaska! We are traveling in Montaa this summer, there is plenty of prairie!

  117. City grrrl with a country soul. I love the people and culture of a great city, but I go to galleries in my bib’s and love to knit and eat from the garden. I love opera and play old-time music.

  118. I’m a country lady….but I love going to the city once in awhile!!!

  119. I am a small town girl. I love living in the country but having a few amenities around is a huge perk. I lived In a big city for a few years and I hated it. Even in a small town I prefer the outskirts.

  120. I’m a country girl. I love not having people living on top of me and being able to see nature at its best. I’ve seen hawks, wild turkeys, porcupines, deer, rabbits, sand hill cranes, ducks/geese, and an eagle on occasion. It is quiet most of the time out here and I can think and breathe clean air.

  121. I’m definitely a city girl, but love getting away to the country peace and harmony when I need to recharge.

  122. I am a country girl. Nothing better than sitting in the great outdoors listening to the birds and knitting.

  123. I am definitely a country girl. Laid back, take it as it comes. I like the silence to hear myself think, I love being at home cooking or knitting, or just kicking back and reading a book.

  124. I am a country person – 7 years of working on a dairy farm was enough for me to figure out I need the open air. Cities are great to visit, but not to live in.

  125. I am country. Sitting on the front porch or back deck watching the world go by. Yep, coun’ry.

  126. I am definitely country–like the quiet, the noise from birds, wind, trees, occasional lawnmower. Long as I can ride my bike to the library, the store & around–so not too far out in the country. And I love to knit. Pick me & I will share with my loves to knit city (Oakland, CA) niece.

  127. I’m moving across the country soon, and haven’t seen my stash for a while. Could use a little pick-me-up!!
    Thanks, Gail

  128. I live in the city, but definitely feel that I’m a country person. Love the tranquility of the country. :o)

  129. Though I’ve lived on cities all my life, there is nothing more peaceful and relaxing than the countryside. Where you can walk barefoot through a creek, lay in a field and watch the clouds, or take a long stroll through the woods. A beautiful and invigorating break from our busy and hectic lives. I am definitely a country person!

  130. I would say I’m a city girl. I need to be surrounded by people, noise, shops and all the good stuff that makes me belong to my community. I also love the country…but just every now and then. Thanks for the opportunity and happy anniversary. 10 years is not easy pie – no matter if you bake in the city or in the country 🙂

  131. Country Girl all the way. It took me 6 months to be able to sleep when we moved to an apt that had a busy road and a street lamp outside. I used to park in a friends driveway while she was at work (with her permission, of course) just so I could hear the NORMAL sounds of the birds and animals instead of traffic and horns and get some needed sleep.

  132. Country person here! Grew up in the city but always loved visiting my relatives in the country during the summers. Now that I’m retired, I love my little country place 8 miles from town with my horses, alpacas, dogs and chickens (and numerous wild things – turkeys, deer, coyotes, foxes, mountain lions, etc.) But I do thank God for the Internet and UPS!!

  133. I grew up as a city girl but I am a country girl at heart. I love the relaxation of the country and how it is not always busy and hectic.

  134. I’m a country person (for the most part). I don’t enjoy crowds or noise.

  135. I am a city person. I truly love the country but like the convenience of living in the city especially when looking for a special yarn.

  136. I’m a city girl. Give me the bright lights, and several options when I need a snack at 3 in the morning after partying with friends.

  137. I have to be a big town / small city person. Without personal transportation it’s hard to get around in the country. But in a biggish town, you can have public transportation without a lot of people. Of course, when I have the chance to visit a big city, I take it. You never know who you will meet or what you will see!

  138. I am a country girl through and through. I love working in my garden, making food with vegetables I sowed then sitting in my porch with some yarn and making my own knitwear while watching my garden grow. No better way to spend an evening if you ask me!

  139. country – because I live in the french alps in a quite valley with four other neighbours and many sheep, but I do love a little bit of city once in a while – SJP style, when I can ditch the wellies,


  140. I’m a city girl turned country girl by way of my husband. Although there are times when the heart-strings tug for the hustle and bustle of city life, you can’t beat the peaceful setting in which I now live!

  141. I’m a city girl, although I love living in one that is close enough to the country and he nountains that I can get out in the great outdoors as often as I can while having “civilation” (and great yarn shops) nearby 🙂

  142. The Country Girl in me loves the simple life, sitting knitting on my back porch, watching my horse graze on new grass, with a cup of earl grey tea and friends about to show up at any moment to sit and knit with me.

  143. I’m a country person who is currently living in the city. We want a large piece of land out where no one will bug us (and civilization isn’t likely to creep toward us!). Until then, we plan and dream — and my beautiful wife is growing me yellow squash in her bucket garden!

  144. Definitely mostly country. I live on the outskirts of a major city, close enough for convenience, far enough for peace and quiet.

  145. I’m a city girl. I grew up in a really small town and couldn’t wait to get away. Now that I live in a city, I love the idea of getting away for a little while to a country spot, but only temporarily.

  146. Oh that is a hard question because I grew up in the country, but moved to a city as soon as I was old enough and have graduated now to the biggest city in the US. But I still enjoy hiking in the deep woods and love a country fair. I really don’t think I could decide between the two. I’m a country-city girl.

  147. I’m in between…..i love the excitement and things available in a city, but I do like to go home to a place that has more trees than people. as far as fashion, though, I definately prefer the city style

  148. I’m definitely a country person! Nature, songbirds and peaceful tranquility. Right now I live in a small town, but hope to live out in the country someday soon!

  149. I am a small town girl who the loves the country. I enjoy being around people and so a small town gives you that opportunity. I love the country for all that is there that can inspire one’s creativity. Textures and colors in the scenery are wonderful to enjoy and the quiet gives an atmosphere to think and create with what you see.

  150. I’m a suburban girl 🙂 But if I have to pick, it would be city. I love visiting the city and I am obsessed with the Overpass Gloves in the Uptown Chic book!

  151. I’m a country person because I like the space and breathability of nature. Having said that, nothing beats a nice restaurant and a wander around the city!

  152. I’m kind of both. I grew up in the country but moved to the thriving metropolis of Halifax when I was 17 and have been in cities ever since. When I crave quiet, I retreat to the country, but I have to admit I love the comforts and conveniences of city life.

  153. Definitely a country person…I love the sounds of nature such as the birds and frogs and an occasional moo too…..We in the country are a laid back bunch who love the easy going life……I love the peace and quiet while sitting on my deck that affords me a wonderful time to knit and relax…….Relaxing is the word I would associate with country living………unless of course you work a farm…

  154. I live in the Maritimes, Canada, which means that I cannot bear to be too far from the ocean. I love where I live in a country suburb with lots of deer, moose, owls, porcupines, skunks, etc. We are also only ten minutes from the heart of the capitol city of my province. Best of both worlds and close to Canada’s oldest Woollen Mill, Briggs and Little.

  155. I’ve lived most of my life just 5 miles from Washington, DC but I still consider myself a country person. I love the tranquility of my little wooded neighborhood that feels like the country. I wake up to birds tweeting and go to sleep listening to the foxes in my yard.

  156. Country; though I love visiting the city, I grew up in the country. Love country music, sweet iced tea, and swinging on my porch!

  157. Born and raised in the city but moved to the country when I was 15. Then at 19 I moved back to the city for work. Now however I live in the country. Have been back in the country for the pass 9 years and I plan to stay put this time. No more city life for me. Too many people and too many cars. Its quiet and peacful where I live and I love that. I have wonderful neighbors and we all look out for each other. Yup I`m a country girl.

  158. Country all the time! The birds, the trees, the dirt road and hiking trails, the smells of farms and woods, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

  159. I’m a country girl, born and raised. (Though I’m still not a country music fan! LOL!) I love living in a rural area though where I can fall asleep listening to the frogs in the pond.

  160. I am a country person (back country) that like the comforts of city life, so we go camping for holidays (OK we take our computers too)

  161. I’m definitely a city person! A New York City person! But it’s always nice to get away from it all and go to the country. Even us city girls need a break sometimes!

  162. I grew up a country girl and love the quiet. I have lived in the city for the last 22 years and try to countrify (yes, I made that word up!) my backyard!

  163. I’m currently a misplaced country person, but returning to the country in a month and intend to knit, knit, knit in the quietness of the country.

  164. I’m definitely a country girl. I prefer the laid back slow pace, fresh air and relaxed style of the country to the crowds, busyness, noise and smell of the city.

  165. I’m definitely a country person. I love to visit the city, but could never live there. I need the green trees, flowers and space of the country on a daily basis. Having been born in the mountains, I think the country is in my blood. 🙂

  166. I’m a city girl at heart being from a big city. The excitement the hustle and bustle the thrills. But I like the country sometimes too the quiet the birds singing the nature.

  167. Even though I work in the city (or perhaps because I do…), I think I am more of a country girl. Wide open spaces, the smell of trees and wild grasses… no crowds! Yep, country. 🙂

  168. A little of both! I grew up in the country so I do enjoy that but now that I live in the city I love being close to great neighbors and lots of things to do and see.

  169. I’m a little of both too! I grew up in the country where we had a little farm and grew vegetables. Ive dreamt about raising alpacas but as I get older, I find I appreciate the convenience of city living a bit more and more!

  170. I am definitely a country girl. I grew up on a dairy and grape farm in western New York and have so many wonderful memories of growing up country! There is nothing quite like quiet streams, the smell of new-mown hay, and the peace of country living.

  171. I enjoy the excitement of the city every once in awhile but I am a country person at heart. I have to have some green around me!

  172. I am definitely a country girl. The wide open spaces, clean air, blue skies, wildlife, nature in general. You can’t get that in the city.

  173. I’m a small-city-in-close-proximity-to-rural-area person. College towns are the best with great crowds of energetic students. Great giveaway. Thank you!

  174. Definitely country, but close enough to the city so that grocery shopping isn’t an all day thing.

  175. I still haven’t figured out that answer about myself. I love spending time in the country but I am not sure that I could live that far away from everyone. On the other hand I’m not sure that I want to spend the rest of my life in a large city.

  176. I’m currently a country person, but am in the process of moving to condo style living in town. Why? Knees are shot, hubby’s back is hurt and we just can no longer cope with all the yard work.

  177. We live in the city (suburbs) but I would be a country girl if I had the opportunity. Nature, quietness, greenery, animals – ahhhhh. Throw in some sheep and learn to spin – that would be the life.

  178. A country person – I like the peace and solitude, and can spend hours just looking at the clouds or ocean or trees or birds or butterflies or whatever happens by. Knitting has a similar soothing effect.

  179. I am a suburban gal who is tired of traffic, noise, and ignorant attitudes, who longs to be an upnorth country gal, if I could ever get everything done to move up there.

  180. I prefer the city. I love the fashion, people-watching, the great food, the energy, and the convenience of having everything so close by. I live in the country, and it’s a great place to live for the peace and quiet. Someday I hope to be in the city full-time!

  181. I am a COUNTRY GIRL stuck in the city…a small city, but the city none the less. Any time I can hear police sirens, ambulances and fire trucks all day and night, that is proof we are in the city. Before moving to this home, we lived far out in the country and I sooo miss being able to sit on the deck and knit and only hear the sounds of nature in the background….the peacefulness of it all was inspiring and relaxing all at the same time…

  182. I am a city girl who moved to the country. Love it more than words can say. Peace, quiet Wouldn’t move back for anything. Love a new book and the challenge of a new pattern.

  183. I am a country person. I love nature, birds, bees, animals. I love taking photos of all of them that visit my yard. I have a glider swing to sit and watch and have some iced tea. Yeah, a lovely day when I can do that.

  184. Suburbia is my home. I’m neither a big city sweetie nor a country cutie, just the soccer-mom type. I go into the city for certain things and I’m not too far from country benefits.

  185. I am a country person. I live in the city now, but hope to eventually retire to a hobby farm.

  186. Country is for sightseeing, camping, hiking, etc. So other than that I am a city lady.

    Happy anniversary and here’s to a long string of them!

  187. I was raised in a small town in Idaho. I live in a big city now, but I’m still a country girl at heart. I miss the quietness, the people and the beauty.

  188. I’m both. I adore the country for it’s beauty, peacefulness, and quiet. I love the city for all the other attributes!

  189. The older I get the more country I become. I love to travel to the city and spend time there but I am very happy to come home to my yard and my green space.

  190. I am a country person. I have lived out in the country for 30 some years and love the peace and nature. I can alway go to the city but coming home is always lovely.

  191. It’s the country for me. Cities are nice to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there. Happy Anniversary!

  192. I’m a country girl who appreciates what city life has to offer. But my dream is to eventually move back to where there is more space, less hustle and bustle and more time to enjoy nature’s beauty.

  193. I have ni idea. I’m not a “NYC” type of girl, but I’m not a stick me on the farm type a girl. I like the quiet of country life and the openness of it all, but I like heading someplace that has shops and restaurants. How about the outskirts of both, in between the two?

  194. Born in Brooklyn, I thought I was a city girl but am really enjoying the quieter life in the ‘burbs. I go back to the city every now and again and realize I really don’t miss the hustle and bustle. I would go even more “country” but not sure how the kids and hubby would adjust.

  195. I like living in the country and driving a few minutes into the city to work and shop. This morning is sunny and I can hear approximately one million birds chirping. Ok, maybe only fifty. After this I will go outside and work on the right front of my newest cardigan. I hope no birds poop on it. 😀

  196. I was born country and am now a town girl. I am definitely not a city girl. I like my yard and having some elbow room between houses. I love to visit the city, but come home to the small town or country.

  197. Country – I’ve lived so long in the woods now, it’s grown on me. Peace, quiet, the birds, the patter of rain on the leaves – oh yes!

  198. I’m a city person turned country. I was raised in the city and now live on an farm in the country. What a long strange trip it has been, but I wouldn’t give this independence up for anything.

  199. I’m definitely a country girl!! I love nature – esp our birds and watching them build a nest, lay eggs, raise those babies to fledglings. We have a pair of bluebirds who have us trained to come feed them when they beg at the window. Puts a smile on my face every time. And loving my flower gardens and the parade of colors and blooms throughout the season. I love have personal space for my home and family to enjoy.

  200. I was raised in the city, but have a great love for the country – either book would work for me. I particularly love the red rock in Utah – feeds my soul. Thanks for the contest.

  201. I’m a small town kind of girl actually. I love being in the country with the sights and the smells and the quiet. But I also love being close to conveniences and stores. I’m still trying to eek out the best of both worlds.

  202. I am a country girl who lives in an enourmous city. Big advantages to that, but country living holds an appeal.

  203. Country person all the way. Raised on a farm in an old farmhouse. Doesn’t get any better than that!

  204. City girl here! Born in the Big Apple but have lived in the suburbs for 40 years and still trying to get used to it.

  205. I guess I’m a city person more than country because I was born, raised and lived in a city environment for most of my life. I did live in the country for about 2-3 yrs after I was married and it was very nice with the peace and quiet BUT shopping was not good 🙂

  206. My local friends think that I am from the city since I grew up in the burbs of Chicago, but my Chicago friends think I am from the country since I currently reside in a rural area, worked at camps for many years and lived in Africa for a few years. I am having a bit of an identity crisis but when that happens, I pick up my knitting needles, knit, and go to my *happy place* which is neither in the city nor country.

  207. I was so worried about bird poop I forgot to mention why I prefer the country-it is all the animals! I live only 3 miles from town but I’ve had a bear, skunk, racoons, turkeys, owls, eagles, woodchuck, a mallard and a wood duck and also a wolf in my yard. I was actually in my yard with the bear but I yelled “Kevin” very loudly and he ran away! You would never have this kind of excitement in the city. Also, I have beautiful gardens and the lovely sound of all the birds-blue birds, ruby breasted gross beaks, yellow finches and chickadees are the most common.

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