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knitting book samples

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quick and easy baby knits
I don’t think they could have possibly gotten more knits in the picture…

I’m having a lot of trouble focusing today (which is actually yesterday, as you read this, but I’m sure it’s still true). For one thing, the major backyard renovation that’s been going on for a month (except for those two weeks in the middle when it wasn’t going) has gone into overdrive with the pouring of mass quantities of concrete. I don’t know who can concentrate when there’s a cement mixer in front of their house.

I also got an e-mail from my publisher with the proofs for my book that’s coming out in August! It’s so darn cute I can’t even tell you. (I’m only getting digital copies because a quick turnaround is needed to work for the timeline of a major crafts store that’s thinking about carrying it. Send positive thoughts, and I’ll let you know when it happens.)

This is the part where things get really exciting and really scary. It’s the last chance to get things perfect, or as perfect as they’re going to get, because I don’t think a perfect book is actually possible (that’s four years as a book editor and writing two books myself talking). It’s also where this thing you’ve been working on for more than a year finally starts looking like a book, and you see (hopefully, and I do in this case) that it actually does look something like the awesome vision you had for it when it was just a pile of yarn and patterns in your brain.

knitting book samples
My samples also came back from the publisher. A good book day, indeed.

So just for fun I went to see if it was on Amazon. And it is. Go, preorder. Share it with all your friends.

Seriously. All of them. This is a book that will teach you to knit as well as offering more than 20 adorable patterns (if I do say so myself) for the cute tiny people in your life.

It will be out for real in August. In the meantime, I’m going to go jump up and down a little bit.


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