Art Experiments: Glitter in Paint

painting with gel paint

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Over the long, long snow week I had a few things in mind that I wanted to try. This one sort of came from a post I saw on Pinterest and now can’t find to credit (isn’t that always the way?). I think they actually made the paint in that one with corn starch and water and then added coloring and glitter.

I knew that I had some glitter gel stashed in the girl’s random craft stuff, so I decided to try that in some paint for a fun winter day activity.

glitter gel
The glitter gel and paint we used.

(Side note: I didn’t know they made glitter gel, either. I’m pretty sure I bought it at Family Dollar, but it may have been as long as two years ago. I bought it planning to make some sensory gel bags with it and never did. It cost $1.80.)

gel paint
Mixing paint and gel.

So we took some paint, added a squirt of gel and stirred it up. We used a craft stick, but you could certainly use your fingers for a bit of extra messy fun.

gel painting
Painting with gel paint.

The girl enjoyed mixing it up, painting a little, declaring it needed more glitter and painting some more.

printmaking gel paint
The paint print.

She decided after painting hers she wanted to make a print with it.

painting with gel paint
I think it’s supposed to be a bird. Or a fish.

When it was dry, she cut it out (she’s been doing that a lot lately).

I did a couple of pieces, too, since we ended up making a lot of paint.

dirty brush
Dirty brush painting.

The first one was with a kind of dirty brush so it didn’t go on evenly.

glitter gel painting
I love the way the glitter looks on this one.

The second I was just using up the paint and filling the page. I’ll probably use this in an art journal or collage sometime.

This was a fun, quick, not too messy activity (way less messy than regular glitter) that made painting just a little bit different. If you try it I’d love to know how it goes.

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