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plastic lila

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Over the weekend I was invited, along with a group of other bloggers, to tour a relatively new exhibit at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Called State of the Art, it’s a collection of 227 works of art from 102 artists from around the country who were chosen as the curators traveled 100,000 miles to find art that was interesting, personal, and largely unknown in the wider world.everyday stuff

I was really excited to see the exhibit, and will need to go back soon (it’s here through January 19, 2015) to take it in a little more slowly than we were able to on our whirlwind tour with one of the curators. And there’s a lot to see, including photographs, paintings, sculptures, videos, fiber arts and interactive exhibits.

What struck me the most about these pieces is the idea that art really is everywhere, and for everyone.

It’s in your life history.

lowrider pinata
Lowrider Pinata by Justin Favela.

It’s in what other people throw out in the recycling.

plastic lila
Plastic Lila by Sheila Gallagher.

It’s in the things you find on the ground or at the thrift store.

vanessa german
Part of Vanessa German’s work.

It’s in things other people discard.

Forever by John Salvest.

It’s in string.

plexus no 17
Plexus No. 17 by Gabriel Dawe.

Especially when combined with hooks and needles.

it's you
It’s You by Jeila Gueramian.

It’s in the intricate folds and cuts of paper.

self portrait 2
Self Portrait 2 by Angela Drakeford.

And in painting with fabric and thread.

fort dirt hole
Detail of Fort Dirt Hole by Gina Phillips.

It’s in the experience of being a mom.

mom booth
Mom Booth by Andy DuCett.

Even when your kid is driving you crazy.

63 objects
Portion of 63 Objects Taken Out of My Son’s Mouth by Lenka Clayton.

And it’s in nature.

crystal bridges trail
On the trail outside Crystal Bridges.

All of which says to me that there’s really no excuse not to make art. Use what you have, the experiences of your life, to express your world. Everyday stuff. And important stuff, too.

I’m inspired. What do you want to make this week?

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