Make an Easy Kid Craft Halloween Centerpiece

finished halloween kid craft centerpiece

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Through the years the girl has made a lot of great Halloween crafts at school. These are actually just a few of them.halloween craft projects kids

I love the yarn-wrapped mummy, of course, and the spider is pretty awesome, too (it’s made out of a Laughing Cow cheese container).painted pumpkins kid craft

Then there are all the pumpkins she painted last year. (I was doing a piece on pumpkin carving so I bought some fake carveable pumpkins, but she stole them all for painting.)

It’s a lot of stuff.

And I want to display it because it’s cute and she made it but it gets to looking just like a lot of clutter when it’s spread out all over the house.

So I thought why not make a sensory bin style tray to house some of the pieces and make them look more like a collection? Thus the Halloween centerpiece of craftiness was born.Gather your kid's Halloween crafts into a cute display.

I really like the way it turned out and I hope you do, too.

What You’ll Need

  • a glass plate or serving tray of your choice
  • a bag of beans (I used pinto because that’s what I had in my crafty stash, but black or white beans would be great, too)
  • kid crafted Halloween stuff

How to Make a Crafty Halloween Centerpiecebeans on tray

Spread the beans out on the tray.finished halloween kid craft centerpiece

Add some of the crafty stuff.

I didn’t use everything because there’s a lot more than would fit, but I like this little collection, and it makes a cute centerpiece for the table.

You could also use this Halloween centerpiece idea for Thanksgiving or Christmas or any other occasion where you have a bunch of kid-crafted stuff you want to show off. Or it could be vintage holiday ornaments, or any little things you want to display.

How do you deal with kid creations around holidays? Do you keep them for years or toss them after the holiday? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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