Quick and Easy Halloween Wreath Ideas

Make an easy Halloween wreath that you can change up many different ways.

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We have a fall wreath that I made last year, which I like because it can hang from September to November without looking out of place. But this year I really wanted to do an easy Halloween wreath to celebrate the season.

After making those felt butterfly wings for the girl’s birthday, I had a lot of black and orange felt hanging around. That gave me the idea for this simple wreath. It is actually really easy to make and to change up in different ways depending on what you already have in the house.Make an easy Halloween wreath that you can change up many different ways.

Make an Easy Halloween Wreath

I started with a round foam wreath form and cut long strips of orange and black felt, about five inches wide but I totally eyeballed it. The size of the pieces was random, just cutting off bits of what I had. If you only have sheets of felt instead of yardage, this will be a little trickier. You might want to sew or fabric glue your strips together into a longer piece before you start wrapping.

I simply wrapped the felt around the wreath form, two lengths of orange and a shorter one of black. You could do stripes, all orange, all black, whatever you want. You could also use regular fabric if you pinked the edges, fleece, burlap of any color or any combination of those options.

I was surprised to learn that I didn’t need to do anything to stick the felt to the wreath form, I just tucked one piece into the next and it held. If you wanted to use some floral pins on the back to help it hold together, that would be fine, too.Make an easy Halloween wreath that you can change up many different ways.

Embellishing Your Easy Halloween Wreath

Then it’s just a matter of adding whatever accoutrements you want to your simple Halloween wreath.

I started with a spider (I think mine came from Walgreen’s or somewhere years ago) and the Boo banner from last year’s Halloween table.

The Happy Halloween part is a wooden piece I bought from Jo-Ann and painted. It’s attached with a floral pin. Incidentally, I stuck a floral pin in the back of the wreath to mount it on my door as well.Make an easy Halloween wreath that you can change up many different ways.

But this is a Halloween wreath idea that can be taken a lot of different ways. Add some spiderweb to up the creepy factor. Or remove the creepy factor by taking off the spider and adding an orange scarf knit out of eyelash yarn. Everyone has one of those, right?

You could even remove the Halloween items after the holiday and use the base for a fall wreath if you wanted.

Or try adding some of the kids’ Halloween crafty projects, or anything you can tie on or attach with a floral pin. Which is a lot of stuff.

Do you decorate your door for Halloween? I’d love to hear your easy Halloween wreath ideas.

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