Get Your Creativity Back with Coloring Pages for Adults

coloring pages for adults

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I have to admit I haven’t been feeling all that creative lately.

The girl has not been sleeping well, so I (and husband) have not been sleeping well, and when I’m not well rested its harder for me to come up with ideas or have the energy to create.

But this week I’m really trying to do better, and I’m taking little steps to help get some of my creative mojo back.

I hope if you’ve not been feeling very creative lately, or you just need a little more fun in your life, that you’ll join me. coloring pages for adults

The Joy of Coloring

A really simple way to get a little creativity in your life without a lot of supplies or time is to color.

Our kids love to color because its expressive, meditative and calming, and it can be all those things for us, too.

While I tend to give the girl a blank piece of paper rather than a coloring page, for me it’s easier to have something to start with, and I’ll bet it will be for you, too.

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Sure, you could tear a page out of junior’s My Little Pony coloring book, but you might like something a little more grown up, right?

The good news is coloring pages for adults are a huge trend right now, so it’s possible to find a good selection of designs you can print from your computer. adult coloring pages

Here are just a few:

The aptly named Coloring Pages Adults has a wide variety of styles for coloring pages, from repeating shapes to floral, psychedelic and animal designs.

Tiny Rotten Peanuts has a great collection both of free printables and adult-skewed coloring books you can buy if you’d rather.

Mum in the Madhouse has another nice collection of nearly 20 different sources for coloring pages for adults. Some of the ones I have used have come from this list.

I love the butterflies and flowers coloring pages from Easy Peasy and Fun. Simple shapes that are good for starters.

What Mommy Does has a collection of what she calls “advanced” coloring pages, meaning they have more detail and require intricate coloring skills.

I also found a great Pinterest board from Nancy McNamara with more than 600 different coloring pages on it, so that should keep us going for a while!

Tips for Coloring as an Adult

  • Don’t be afraid to make things the “wrong” colors.
  • If you’re thinking too hard, choose colors at random.
  • Use whatever supplies you have on hand, be they the kids’ crayons, a partial box of colored pencils, even different colored ink pens.
  • Try to get into the spirit of making. Enjoy yourself.
  • Have fun!

Do you color? I’d love to know why you enjoy it and where you get your pages!

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