Test-Driving Glittery Paint

painting glitter paint

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The other day I went to Target, as I often do, and I cruised down the craft aisles, as I almost always do, just to see if anything great is on sale (they have really good clearance prices on stickers from time to time, for instance) and I came across the Kid Made Modern line of craft supplies they’re carrying. These are sort of grown-up, sort of retro supplies that are a little edgy and different from the stuff you see usually marketed to kids. I couldn’t resist a pack of the tape and the Modern Shimmer Shine paints. (It should be noted that these are not affiliate links and no one asked me to say anything, good or bad, about any of this stuff, which I bought from the store like anyone else.)

The girl and I decided to crack them open recently and here’s what we found.

The Colors

The paints come in a pack of eight colors — red, orange, blue, green, purple, yellow, black and white — in squeeze bottles, which is a format I love for paint, but especially kids’ paint, because we’re only using a tiny bit at a time.

glitter paint palette
The palette of Kid Made Modern Shimmer Shine glitter paint.

The red paint comes out looking a little brown, but it’s fine when you paint it. Otherwise the colors are pretty and, indeed, glittery.


The Bit got some yellow construction paper and I grabbed plain white for my experiments. I started with a big circle and then she demanded I paint a couple of numbers, so I did.

glitter paint painting
Painting with numbers. And glitter.

To me this paint acted like a pretty normal acrylic paint, with thick and thin application, sometimes splotchy, sometimes scant. And there is glitter!

The Bit did her usual painting with all the colors. She started with white, which did not show up well.

painting glitter paint
The white paint didn’t show up well.

There’s just the faintest little bit of it visible in the finished piece. She also did what we call “making a butterfly,” where you fold the paper in half while the paint is wet. Thus the big black Rorschach-looking thing in the middle.

glitter painting
The Bit’s finished glitter paint project.

The End Result

After drying, these paints are still pretty glittery and the colors are nice. They were easy and fun to use, but I don’t think the Bit even commented on the fact that there was glitter in there. Naturally.

finished glitter paint
The glitter paint project after drying. Still shiny!

Does anyone know if you can just put glitter in regular paint? I imagine that would be a lot gloppier, and this stuff is nice and smooth and easy to work with. But if anyone out there has tried it, or has a different opinion about these paints, I’d love to hear it!

These nontoxic paints are recommended for kids 6 and up (giggle) and retail for $8.99 for a pack of eight paints. They are only available in stores.

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  1. I can’t see why you couldn’t add glitter to normal paint. Or maybe do some glitter glueing and then paint over it for a change 🙂

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