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ideas for making art with kids

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I love doing art projects with the girl, but it’s something we’ve been doing a lot of lately. Well, she started a project that hasn’t gotten finished yet, but that will be really cool if it ever gets done, so we’ll see.

Even as a sort of crafty professional it can be hard to come up with ideas for art experiments and ideas for making art with kids, but the Internet is always there to help us, right? Here are some cool ideas that have crossed my path lately that I’m glad to have on hand next time the girl wants to do a project. ideas for making art with kids

I love the idea of creative tables, or invitations to create that you set out as a suggestion for the child. Rachelle at TinkerLab has a great list of quick ideas for creative tables you can set up without a lot of fuss. I love the leaves and glitter! These are great ideas for setting up on the kitchen table while you’re getting dinner ready or when you just need a quick activity.

Another easy way to get an art activity started quickly is by using a printable. The Artful Parent has a great list of 16 printable art activities, all but one of which are free.

If you want to get kids making art on a big scale, try this broom painting process art project from Homegrown Friends. Big paper, big brushes, lots of paint and lots of fun.

Speaking of big paper, NurtureStore has a great list of things you can do with a really big roll of paper. I love the idea of printing images on it and using it for wrapping paper or a wall hanging.

If you’d rather the kids keep to painting on a table, make some easy cardboard easels like these from You Clever Monkey. They’re perfect for when you have big pieces of cardboard lying around.

Crafting with sticks, whether sticks from outside or purchased craft sticks, can give you a lot of simple ways to play, and In the Playroom has a good list of craft projects made with sticks. I love the paintbrushes and the idea of wrapping sticks with pretty yarn.

Do you have any great go-to kids art activities? What have you been making with your kids lately? I’d love to hear about it!

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