Build a Snow Day Survival Kit to Celebrate the First Snow

make a snow day survival kit to celebrate snow days

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This post was compensated by the Northwest Arkansas Mall, but all thoughts are my own.

For kids, snow days are all about the fun. They get to miss school, play in the snow, be home all day with one of their parents or another loved one, have a day that’s totally outside the norm.

While parts of that can be fun for grownups, too, I’d wager most of us have less fun than our kids do on these unexpected holidays.

I’m hoping to make our snow day experience (assuming we ever get one, since it’s 66 degrees out as I write this) a little more fun for everyone this year by declaring it a holiday and preparing a snow day survival kit to open on the first snow day. make a snow day survival kit to celebrate snow days

It’s really easy to put this together while you’re out doing holiday shopping — just save back a couple of little gifts, add a couple special things and you’re ready to go. You could even add some things you already have at home such as books about snow or long-neglected craft supplies.

Here’s how mine came together.

Gathering Your Snow Day Survival Kit

snow day pajamas
Cozy pajamas for snuggling all day: check.

I headed to the Northwest Arkansas Mall to get my shopping done for this project. First stop, JCPenney, because I wanted to get some cozy new pajamas for her and for me. I also threw in some rainbow colored Hello Kitty slippers for her because, come on, do I have to explain it?

I also happened to spy Olaf backpacks on clearance, which is the perfect thing to house this special collection of gifts. (You could use a bag, basket or box you already have as well.)

snow day activities
Lots of easy activities that can be done without help: check.

The mall has a seasonal calendar and toy store, where I loaded up on little Melissa & Doug activities, puzzles and other fun stuff.

chocolate snow days
Delicious chocolates to share: check.

And I can never resist the seasonal See’s Candy booth, where I picked up a little sparkly box of goodness. Alternatively you could hit the candy store for some of your (and your kids’) favorites.

Other possibilities for the kit include:

  • a snuggly blanket
  • books
  • a new movie
  • packs of microwave popcorn or other favorite snacks
  • hot chocolate packets
  • coloring or activity books
  • a craft project kit
  • toys or dolls
  • a new hat, gloves, etc.
  • a snowman making kit including buttons, sticks, a hat and scarf

Whatever you think your kids will like that isn’t too expensive or large would be great for this. The point is to give them something fun to do or read or work on for those moments when you’re not playing outside and you might need a little calm and quiet to get work done or just to relax together as a family.

Having this bag could also become a tradition, with special things stored in there to explore on snow days that could be changed through the season and through the years. What a fun memory for the kids that really doesn’t take that much work on your part.

How do you make snow days special for your kids? How do you get a little peace in the middle of those snowbound days? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And local readers, come back on Friday when I’ll have a great mall gift card giveaway worth $200 you’ll be sure to want to check out.

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  1. Being raised in Chicago, I had more than my share of snow, but yes, as a kid it was great! Now in North Central Florida it’s pretty rare, but it has happened.

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