Make a Yarn Pom-Pom Wreath

make a simple pom pom wreath for holiday decor

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As a knitter, I have a lot of yarn. But I also have a lot of leftover bits of yarn from finished projects that didn’t take the whole ball, or from book projects where I didn’t need a whole ball, or just things I have but never made anything with.

There are loads of ways to use bits of yarn, of course, but this year I got to thinking about another way I could show off some of the yarn without actually knitting it.

I happened to have a big wire wreath frame in the house from a project I meant to do years ago but never did, so I decided to combine the two into a warm and fluffy decoration for the holidays.

It’s super simple but not a quick project. I spent several weekend mornings with the girl in her playroom making art while I wrapped pom poms. And I really want to add more so it may be a project that continues through the season.make a simple pom pom wreath for holiday decor

What You’ll Need

  • yarn in seasonal colors (I started with red and green, then added a little gold and purple, too)
  • pom-pom maker (I used the jumbo Clover but I really want to add some different sized pom-poms when I find my different sized pom-pom makers)
  • strong scissors
  • wire wreath frame

What You’ll Domaking yarn pom poms

Make pom poms in the usual way. Lots of pom poms. I started with the fuzzy kind of maroon ones and the lime green (Lion Brand Jiffy). There are a few where I used two colors of yarn held together. If you want to know, the magenta is Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick, the gold and the less-bright red are Color by Kristin, the green is Plymouth Galway and the bright red is Red Heart Soft. The snowball is Bernat Pipsqueak, which is super messy to cut but came out cute (this is the one you need really good scissors for).building pompom wreath

When you tie the center of the pom poms, leave long tails, or add another piece of yarn around the middle to use to tie the pom pom to the frame.

Fill in the frame as much as you want, placing the pom poms randomly.yarn pom pom wreath

This looks great on the door, though I probably won’t keep it there. I’m thinking it might be a centerpiece for the table, or I’ll find a random wall to put it on.

What do you think? Where would you put a yarn pom-pom wreath in your house?

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