Summer Reading Log Printable for Kids

free summer reading log printable for kids

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School isn’t even over yet but we’re already a week into the Scholastic Summer Reading Program the girl is taking part in at school. And I’ve already resorted to making things up.

I should say that my daughter is a reader. She reads a lot on her own, and we read with her a lot as well. It’s hard to keep track because she often reads before she comes to our room in the morning, and she reads in the bathroom a lot. free summer reading log printable for kids

I thought it would help us keep track a little more accurately if we had a summer reading log that she could keep in her room to fill out when she reads without us there, and that we could all use when we catch her reading by herself. It still won’t be completely accurate because I haven’t been counting bathroom time, but it’s better than completely guessing.

Summer Reading Log Printable

summer reading log printableSo I whipped up a quick summer reading log printable (made in Word, with the super cute BeachyType font designed by David A. Mason, plus clip art from Clip Art Cow) for her to use and thought some of you might like to use it, too.

I kept it super simple, with sections for the date, the book she read (not vital for her program, but it will be interesting to see which books she reads over and over), when she started and finished reading and the total minutes. using reading log

She was excited to try it out, though she keeps asking us to write the titles for her. In addition to helping us keep track of her reading, it’s a great way to get her to work on her numbers, talk about time and work on math. So great!

I like that this is on paper because she doesn’t have access to a device all the time where she could log it in an app (and most of the reading log apps are not free anyway). We can carry it from room to room, use it outside or at the park and still keep pretty good trck of her reading.

Are your kids in a summer reading program? Even if they aren’t using a summer reading log can be a great way to encourage and track reading through the summer months. I’d love to know what you do to get/keep your kids interested in reading through the summer.

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