Help Your Kids Learn Letters and Numbers Through Play

Help your kids learn about letters and numbers through play with ABCs and 123s.

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Some of the most fundamental learning our kids do early on has to do with learning letters and numbers, building the foundation for reading, spelling and math. And like most early learning, the best way to teach kids these early skills is through play, incorporating learning into everyday activities that are fun for both of you.Help your kids learn about letters and numbers through play with ABCs and 123s.

The excellent ebook ABCs and 123s includes more than 40 tested activities that kids love that will help build their skills with letters and numbers. (I’m one of the contributors; links are affiliate links.)

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What’s in the BookHelp your kids learn about letters and numbers through play with ABCs and 123s.

These multisensory activities are great for kids from 2 to 8 to learn letters and numbers and can be used by parents and teachers for indoor and outdoor learning.

Included activities are designed to help with:

  • learning to recognize and write letters and numbers
  • understanding upper and lower case letters
  • drawing shapes and making marks
  • working on alphabetical order
  • working on spelling the child’s name, sight words, cvc words and other vocabulary
  • developing language skills
  • understanding one-to-one correspondence
  • learning to count, to add and subtract
  • base-ten understanding and double digit addition

Some of the activities include a sensory bin for helping children learn their name, letter lacing cards, number rubbing cards, playdough number flowers and a drawing game using dice (that one’s mine).

These activities have all been tested by kids and are fun, engaging invitations to play and learn, which is the best way for your kids to learn letters and numbers.

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The book is available as an ebook only for instant download worldwide, so you can start implementing these ideas with your kids immediately.

The list price is $14.99.

If you have a kid in this 2 to 8 age range, I really recommend checking this book out. There are so many fun playful learning activities, many of which don’t require a lot of setup or use things you already have around the house.

Do you incorporate playful learning with your kids? I’d love to hear about it!



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