Stuff You’ll Want to Read: Summer Reading Edition

Reading hacks for summer and beyond.

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I just finished reading nine books in three weeks to review for a publication. The week before that, I was on vacation and started and/or finished six books.

That’s a lot of reading, even for me. Reading hacks for summer and beyond.

Admittedly the deadline was a little crazy and I wouldn’t recommend that part, but if you ask me, summer is a great time to do a lot of reading.

A book is a necessity for traveling and great to read when you get where you’re going, too. You can read a book poolside during your kid’s swimming lessons or while they play at the park. It’s better than Facebook and you’ll feel smarter, too.

Reading Hacks Worth Reading About

If you’re the sort of person with a long commute who’d like to spend that time learning, you’ll be glad to know that, to your brain, reading a book and listening to the audiobook are the same. So it’s not cheating to say that you read a book you listened to, and you aren’t missing anything by not actually reading the words yourself.

Most of the time we want to savor books, but sometimes we want a marathon reading session or need to read a book fast. Here are some tips for reading a book in a day, many of which apply to any kind of marathon cram session you might be wanting to do. And, of course, you could choose to read all day for pleasure and not because you have some kind of reading-related deadline.Reading hacks for summer and beyond.

And if you want to actually remember what you read, whether you’re reading a book in a day or taking more time, you might need some tips on retaining what you read.

I just started taking notes on the book I’m reading now on the back page of my morning pages notebook, which I hope will help me remember some of the details and have them available for reference later. I also started a quote notebook, which might become a sort of commonplace book, for wisdom I find in what I’m reading.

Summer is a great time to give yourself a reading challenge, and after my vacation last year I shared some more tips on how to read more. I’d love to know if you read more in the summer or what you’re reading right now!




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