Trash Your Plastic Bags for an Easy Usephoria Boost

Get rid of plastic bags! It's the usephoria challenge, part one.

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I don’t even know where they come from.

I really try to use cloth shopping bags when I go to the grocery store, or pretty much any other store.

Sometimes I forget, sure. Sometimes I run by the craft store and forget to grab a bag on the way, or leave my bags in the car when I go inside the grocery store.

Still, that does not account for the high volume of plastic bags that find their way into my house on a regular basis.Get rid of plastic bags! It's the usephoria challenge, part one.

I’m sure that’s true for you, too. Even our best intentions sometimes fail us.

But once they get into our house, we tend to hang onto them forever, don’t we?

There’s no excuse for that.

I get it, you use them.

We do, too. We use them in little garbage cans, and bigger ones get used for bigger trash. You might use them to clean up after your dog or for any number of other purposes.

But let’s be honest, do you really need that big of a stash of plastic bags?

Usephoria Challenge

Decide a reasonable amount of plastic bags to keep in your house.

Maybe a bag full of bags, or one small container that lives under your kitchen sink. Get a wall mount container to keep in the laundry room, or sew a grocery bag holder to hang on a peg in the garage.Get rid of plastic bags! It's the usephoria challenge, part one.

We actually have a drawer in our bathroom that houses plastic bags.

Once you’ve decided how many you “need,” gather up all the rest.

Put them in your car, right now.

The next time you go to the grocery store or Target, you’ll have no excuse not to recycle your extra plastic bags.

It’s a tiny thing, but it always makes me feel good to do it.

Report back when you’re done. I want to share in your usephoria!

What this Has to Do with Usephoria

The joy of usephoria: using things up or getting what you need from something.

For me, usephoria is all about joy. Love the things you have, use the things you love, get rid of the things you don’t love and don’t use.

Pretty simple, right?

But it can be hard to get rid of things, even if you know you don’t love them and aren’t using them.

So we start small.

Everyone has too many plastic bags lying around, right? I hope you don’t feel attached to them and will find it easy and joyful to let them go.

Making even that tiny space in your life is powerful. (I actually found something we’ve been looking for under the pile of plastic bags, so my mission was doubly joyful.)

Try it and let me know how it feels.


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