Are You in a Creative Slump? The Magic of Starting Small

Are you in a creative slump? Try starting small to get out of it.

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Need help getting out of a creative slump? Try starting small.

The weight of it is heavy. Like carrying around a heavy bag, all the time. Unbalanced. Frustrated. Not quite myself. A tug at my heart knowing what I could be doing if only I felt like doing it.

A creative slump is a tough place to be.Are you in a creative slump? Try starting small to get out of it.

And it can be really tempting to try to bust a creative block with some big project, grand schemes, even something a little scary.

But I think you should go the opposite way.

There is magic in starting small.

Little Steps Out of a Creative SlumpAre you in a creative slump? Try starting small to get out of it.

I have written before about the creative slump I’ve been in for most of this year. I haven’t felt like making much, haven’t had a lot of creative ideas, have wanted to spend my time reading or resting or decluttering (all of which are important, too) instead of making things.

It’s getting better, and one of the things that has been huge for me is making little things.

There was a Peep-style knit bunny. It took a day to make, is really cute, and helped me feel a little more creative.

Or these little cloth snack bags. This is a great one because I’ve made them before, it’s someone else’s project, and they take just a few minutes to pull together. I probably spent more time ironing the fabric than I spent sewing them.

They’re really cute and useful, and I get to feel creative because I had to make fabric choices and because I made something that wasn’t there before.Are you in a creative slump? Try starting small to get out of it.

How to Use Small Steps for Your Creative Slump

I don’t know what creative outlets you use in your life, but maybe you can thing of a way to use small steps out of your creative slump, too.

  • Maybe setting a timer for five minutes and writing a poem or doing a quick sketch.
  • Make a painting on the smallest canvas you have.
  • Draw on a postcard.
  • Make a small collage or lay the foundation for a mixed media project.
  • Knit or crochet or sew something small and fast.
  • Make a bead soup bracelet or necklace without thinking too much about which beads you are putting together.

Make sure you download my ebook 10 Creative Boosts to Try in 10 Minutes or Less, free with newsletter subscription, for more ideas you can implement now to start breaking down your creative slump. And if you need more help, check out my book on setting creative goals and actually meeting them.

Once you start small and successfully complete something, it makes it feel that much easier to climb out of your creative slump with a bigger project.



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  1. I’ve been in a creative slump since I moved house last September. I set up a great new dedicated craft & office space and… nothing. Haven’t picked up a knitting needle or crochet hook since (except when I’ve been forced to because I sold a made-to-order item on Etsy…). It’s saddening, but I’ve also been really busy.

    This is a great reminder to try a tiny project just for the love of it.

    It reminds me of something they say in personal productivity circles: include super easy things on your to-do list because small wins inspire you to keep going.

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