Simple Crochet Ball Christmas Ornament

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I’ve gotten more into crochet this year, so I wanted to make a crochet ball Christmas ornament (or a bunch!) for holiday decor. We have cats who still act like kittens, so to be honest they may be crochet cat toys, but who am I to judge?

Making a Crochet Ball Christmas Ornament

The good news is that crochet balls are really easy to make, and if you’ve ever done any amigurumi (or any projects involving increasing and decreasing in single crochet) you have all the skills you need to make one.

I made mine striped with two colors, but you could use more colors or make a solid colored Christmas ball if you’d rather.

To make a crochet ball Christmas ornament, you start with a magic ring (also called a magic loop) or a chain joined in the round. You increase to the size you want your ball to be, work a few rounds even and then decrease back to the number of stitches you started with.

The balls shown above are nestled in my Buffalo Plaid Crochet Scarf, by the way.

I worked mine in continuous rounds, which means I didn’t join the rounds with a slip stitch at the end. You can see the jog in the stripes this way, but I don’t mind it (and that part can hang to the back of the tree if it bothers you, or you can join your rounds if you think it looks better).

Mine are stuffed with old yarn ends from other projects, but you can also use batting. How much stuffing you add and how you fluff up the ball will determine its shape, whether it is short and squat or more full and, well, ball like.

Either way it’s a super cute, super fast project you can make for yourself or as a little something to add to a holiday gift for someone else.

Crochet Ball Christmas Ornament Pattern

If you’re comfortable with the basics of crochet you might not need more of a pattern than the above description, but here’s the long version!


  • a small amount of worsted weight yarn in one, two or more colors; each ball is less than 10 yards total (a nice acrylic like Red Heart Soft would be great for this project, or use whatever you have)
  • size G/6/4mm crochet hook
  • locking stitch marker
  • stuffing
  • yarn needle


The balls will vary a little in size depending on your gauge and how much you stuff them. The green and red one shown is about 8 inches/20 cm around horizontally and 7.5 inches/19 cm around vertically. Gauge is not critical, but needs to be firm enough that the stuffing doesn’t peek out.

Crocheting the Ball

Make 6 single crochet stitches into a magic ring. Alternatively you can chain 6 and work a slip stitch into the first chain to make a loop.

Single crochet 2 stitches into each stitch/loop around in color A. 12 stitches. Place a locking stitch marker in the last stitch to mark the end of the round and move up with each round you stitch.

*SC1, SC2 in the next stitch. Repeat from * around. 18 stitches.

*SC2, SC 2 in the next stitch. Repeat from * around, but add in color B to make the last part of the last SC of the round. 24 stitches. Each time you change colors, work the last step of the last stitch of the round in the new color.

Work 2 rounds SC in color B.

Work 2 rounds SC in color A.

Work 2 rounds SC in color B. Once you’ve made the last stitch bringing color A back in, you can cut color B.

*SC2, SC2tog. Repeat from * around. 18 stitches. Stuff your ball lightly with stuffing.

*SC1, SC2tog. Repeat from * around. 12 stitches.

*SC2tog. Repeat from * around. 6 stitches.

Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread yarn onto a tapestry needle and weave through the tops of the stitches and across as needed to close up the top of the ball. Bury the yarn end inside the ball. Squish it to make the shape you want.

To hang, add a hook to the top.

This crochet ball Christmas ornament is super fast to make and you can use any colors of yarn you like. Make enough to decorate a whole tree, make a fun garland, or to use to decorate gift bags. Or, again, cat toys. 😉

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